Advice to “Improve” the NHL Website’s PARTIAL Sharing of Reference Data

The NHL website has lots of info on it, including records of the archival kind, not the kind you break. I was just looking through their draft data when I realized some were missing. Apparently, exactly 10.0% were missing, like 1092 players of 10932 players up to 2016! They are also randomly spaced out, so far as I can tell, including a number one overall player.

I’d tell you who that was except it’s more devious than this! They must track IP address of access because it’s the same missing list on any browser from one computer, but not another at a different location! So this missing player I’m talking about (Marc-Andre Fleury who was #1 in 2003, on my home machine), was on at another location I accessed the lists!

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About Me and My Blog

My name is Minh. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada . I am the owner and sole contributor of this blog that is one of my many hobbies. I have it to learn things, and to share things I think others might value.

What’s on this blog?

I write and create content about all kinds of things. If you don’t believe me, just look through it all, whether the navigational menus, writing categories, monthly archives or just roaming through. However, starting in mid-October 2016, the majority of posts will be about my journey into artificial intelligence (AI) robotics that is my latest interest. I will be doing that under a “brand” I have created for myself and my AI robots named BO and AIRO (Biological Overseer and the Artificially Intelligent Robots Order). 🙂

I will be getting robots, testing them out, reviewing them generally, contributing towards their development as a developer in some cases, and most importantly, studying their interaction with humans, society and even animals. There will still be a smattering of other articles and content between the posts documenting this adventure with AI robots, but the AI robot posts will dominate until further notice.

If you need to contact me by email, I can be reached via 80airo on gee mail. Thank you.

Seven Simple Ways Pinterest Could REALLY Improve Itself

7 Ways PinterestPinterest was an phenomenal idea of a social media website, carried out on a mediocre platform that is poorly executed and maintained, sometimes even pathetically. It has some growth and usage now, sure, but it seems Pinterest is already resting on its laurels and thinking it’s always going to be this way if its latest lack lustre update is any indicator. Here are seven simple and feasible suggestions on what Pinterest could really do if it wants to improve itself. These should be options a user could enable, rather than something forced on the user.

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