About Me and My Blog

My name is Minh. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada . I am the owner and sole contributor of this blog that is one of my many hobbies. I have it to learn things, and to share things I think others might value.

What’s on this blog?

I write and create content about all kinds of things.


14 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

    • I don’t own any of the logos so I can’t give permissions. The graphics are for anyone to use and people use them in all kinds of ways, in other graphics and such, so go ahead. But technically, the logos, I don’t own them so I can’t give permission legally. For me to say yes means if you got sued, you could say I gave you permission and I could also be on the hook for it. 🙂

  1. “…in part to share things.”

    For all of the wallpapers and such that you put up, you should consider allowing some of them to be downloaded. Or, at least adjust the wording of the site, so as to not give the impression that you can.

    • But you CAN download them! WordPress just has a weird way to show the thumbnails in the gallery. When you click, it goes to a slide show that’s not full size. There is a link towards the bottom left that says “View Full Size”. When you click, it goes to a screen with just the image. Right click (on PC) and choose “Save Image As”. It’s not ideal but I don’t know any way to fix it. But that’s how you do it. Hope you try again.

  2. hello. I’m Thanh from VietNam,
    Thank you so much for many personality profile and it’s useful
    but i still wonder that how can i clarify who i really am . Nothing work with some website for MBTI test
    So can you help me plz

  3. Just within the past at the longest three days someone sent me a friend request which I excepted only cause I though I knew the other woman in the photo with her. I’d there anyway you could help me find who I excepted to my face book. Please, thank you, Kerri Perrin

    • If you go to your Friends list (click on Friends), there should be a tab called “Recent”. Click on that and Friends you recently added (I think a week range) should be there. Not all FB features are available for everybody, though.

    • Hi Sam, the images are not mine. I found them online and just put them together in one place. If I were to be asked to take them down, I would, but people could just get them from other places online. I definitely can’t accept pay for them but wouldn’t be able to direct you to where you could get some, either. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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