What Was the First Video You Saw with a BILLION+ Views?

I just saw my first video with over a BILLION views! Million views is relatively “nothing” for popular stuff these days. So much so that when I was in a video with over 100K views last August, I scoffed at people who were saying I was going “viral”.

Have you ever seen a video with over a billion views?

If not, watch the one below. It’s about 191K above a billion when I just watched it Thu night, Dec 22 2016… then went to post this. 🙂

I wonder how many other videos out there have over a billion views…


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Songs Newly Heard Which I Like – Sha La La (Makes Me Happy) by Al Green


This second entry in 2014 for songs I heard for the first time that I like a lot is Sha La La (Makes Me Happy) by Al Green.

Why do I like it? Just the groove it has, I would say. Appropriate with it being a 70s song from 1974. And that’s about it, to be honest. But it was groovy enough for me to add it to my list. 🙂

I hope you like it, too!

My Genotyping Adventure with 23andMe

Last week, I began a new adventure in life by sending in a saliva sample for DNA genotyping with a project and company called 23 and Me at 23andme.com. In layman’s term, genotyping is like a high level, or crude, DNA testing on focused on certain critical parts that make up a tiny part of the entire human DNA. From 23 and Me, I will get some health and ancestry information, from likelihood of disease contraction to drug and food reactions to family and race heritage. There will also be lots of other interesting facts like whether you’re genetically predisposed to liking cilantro. 🙂 Continue reading