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Think we, rather than me, more often

we me quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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We all affect others in how we live, that’s pretty obvious. Even if you were a hermit, you have an environmental footprint that will affect others. Personal things affect others, too, because how it affects you will affect how you will live and that will impact others.

So try to catch yourself when you think about things that seem to only affect you, to ask yourself who else it might affect and in what ways, even if indirectly like what if you did one thing rather than another for whatever personal reasons? And see if it might change your mind.

I’m not saying you can’t put yourself first sometimes. I’m not saying you can’t just do things for yourself sometimes. Sometimes doing one or both will create a better you that will be better for the world, even if it might affect others negatively in a smaller way than the benefits, though don’t warp that to justify killings or any extreme situation like that. Just put others into the equation, rather than just yourself, more often when thinking or deciding.

p.s. I do realize that grammatically, this quote should read “think us, rather than me, more often”. It just doesn’t sound nearly as good without the rhyme. đŸ™‚

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