How Many Clocks Do You Have to Change for Daylight Savings Time Changes?

Welcome back to daylight savings time (DST), or what should be regular time as far as I’m concerned. This is actually the artificial time change to “spring ahead” the 1 hour for the majority of the year. But if it’s for most of the year, it should be the standard, in my opinion. It’s only a matter of time before you get revolutions and change when the minority rules.

It never ceases me every time I have to change the “clocks” of many many “clocks” I have to change. That doesn’t even include the ones I don’t have to change, like the one on my computer which changes itself after I had set it up to do so!

This year, I am “down” to a “merciful” eleven clocks/watches! ELEVEN!!!

  1. Sports watch
  2. Regular less damaged watch
  3. Home computer
  4. Netbook
  5. Stove
  6. Microwave
  7. Old television
  8. VCR/DVD player
  9. Stereo
  10. Radio alarm
  11. Phone

Can you believe that? ELEVEN clocks for one person??? Mind you, I can only eliminate 2 because the rest are built into stuff I have and need. And no, I don’t have a vehicle where there are more clocks.

Of course, time is important in our lives, but it just seems ridiculous to have so many clocks per person. I can’t wait till they just can implant a chip to the side of my head that can display a time through electrical signals in my eye nerves and I won’t even have to wear a watch any more!

Incidentally, I am learning to leave my watch behind more in life as I grow older and not letting little petty time needs rule my life. I am in part assisted by the clocks all around me, though. I have one on my work computer where I am at a lot of each day. I have a big display clock on the hotel across from my apartment building door, and the historic Halifax Town Clock on a hill visible from quite a distance, especially if you have natural 20/16 vision like me and the right line of sight. But still, ten clocks in my life is ridiculous. I think I’ll make it one of my annual Earth Day Goals for 2011 to go under 10 somehow.

What about you? How many clocks do you have in your life?

  • Count your own clocks and those you’d have to change if you were living alone (i.e. stove, microwave, computer, alarm, on my list above).
  • Count the ones that change automatically because you or someone would have had to set them up to do so at some point, even though this is more about clocks than clocks you’d have to change, but that’s a more effective way to think about it.

Is that a ridiculous number to you?

Anybody know what the average number of clocks a person has? I can’t seem to find the answer online.

For disclosure purposes on this clock related post, I should mention this website, Digital Citizen, has no affiliation to Citizen watches, digital or otherwise. 🙂

I do have one of those Citizen Eco-drive watches, though, and must admit, they are a fine piece of craftsmanship and machinery!

2 thoughts on “How Many Clocks Do You Have to Change for Daylight Savings Time Changes?

    • Yeah, seriously! But you know, I’m usually not conscious of the fact I have so many. I just look “through” it, even when I know I’m looking for the time, as if whichever clock or watch I was looking at was the only one I had. I still haven’t changed the clock on my VCR/DVD player. Maybe it’s a sign its time has come. 🙂

      Nice avatar and blog, btw! Thanks for your comment!

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