TED 2011 Ads Worth Spreading Winners Far Better Than Super Bowl Collection!

TheĀ TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) community just released its 2011 Ads Worth Spreading contest winners, and the ads are more super than the ones I saw for the Super Bowl! But what did you expect from a brilliant group who’s moniker is “Ideas Worth Spreading”? Here are the ads below, in no particular order.

The ads tend to be longer than the Super Bowl ones, where time is so expensive, though the Chrysler Born of Fire and Volkswagen’s The Force are both here. Hey, the cream does rise to the top no matter where you put it. But you know, if ads were this good, I wouldn’t care how long they went on. They’d be better than most things I’d ever find on television!

Some of these ads are also not widely seen, especially in North America, because they come from the world over and not all of these ad makers have money for American television time, much less Super Bowl. However, as a whole collection, I’d take this over the top Super Bowl ads I’ve seen in any year!

This is part 1 of 3 since there are too many commercials to put into one blog post. The link to Part 2 is at at the end.

Enjoy and be prepared to be wowwed!!!


Dot. The world’s smallest stop-motion animation character shot on a Nokia N8
Nokia is the world’s leading mobile phone supplier
– Wieden+Kennedy London is an advertising agency

Nothing like demonstrating a product’s capabilities in a commercial, never mind an entertaining and impressive one!
This ad holds a Guinness World Record as the smallest stop-motion animated film.


Dulux Walls
“Let’s Color Project” is Dulux‘s initiative to transform houses, schools, and public squares with paint
– Euro RSCG London is a marketing communications firm based in the UK

Talk about painting the town! The imagery and concept were gently mesmerizing.


The Chase
Intel is a leading developer of microprocessor technologies
– Venables Bell & Partners is an independent, San Francisco-based advertising agency

An action filmed rolled into a commercial in not only the television media, but also multi-media and social media! Superb concept and execution.


Batelco Group provides telecoms services to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia
– FP7/BAH is an advertising agency based in Bahrain

This is the film version of this ad, so it’s rather long. However, I just consider it three great commercials in a row. The film was originally delivered through a Facebook app that incorporated users’ webcams, and displayed their pictures on TV screens throughout the Persian Gulf.


The Topsy Foundation is a nonprofit focused on helping individuals infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
– Ogilvy Johannesburg is an advertising and marketing agency

This commercial brings HIV/AIDS home for those who have not had a lot of connection with people suffering from it, in real memorable way via one brave soul who allowed us to look into her suffering.


Born of Fire
Chrysler is a multinational car company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan
– Wieden+Kennedy is an advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon

This was my third favourite Super Bowl commercial and evokes the type of feelings Chrysler wanted you to have about it, Detroit and its future.


Target Spectacular Kaleidoscopic Fashion Show
Target is a North American discount retailer
– Mother New York advertising agency and Legs Media media production company

Only in New York. What a spectacle this must have been in person! It’s more a film than an ad, but imagine how many ways you can edit this to make so many commercials! Wow, wow WOW wow WOW!!!

Please click here for Part 2 of 3 of this series of posts. Thank you.

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