My Earth Day Pledges for 2010, Do You Have One?

Happy Earth Day to you,
Happy Earth Day to you,
Happy Earth Day dear reader,
Happy Earth Day to you!

What are you going to do,
To keep sea and sky blue,
To reduce your C-O-2,
To be green the year through?


Last year, I made an Earth Day pledge to reduce my material possessions by a net amount of at least 330 lbs. That’s a net total, so I my total belongings are really that much lighter this year in total, not just stuff I got rid of. I succeeded in that, I am proud and happy to say, finding a good home for most of the stuff rather than the trash, but some stuff very few people could still use, if at all. Thanks to my many friends who supported me with good advice or to take things off of me to be more valued in their lives.

-30 lbs (old university books donated to Dalchem library)
-12 lbs (clothes donated and some CDs sold)
-15 lbs (old stuff cleaning out for Parents’ visit)
+5 lbs (books bought)
-95 lbs (329 CDs, cases and notes @ 0.2875 lbs each)
-4 lbs (two wire CD stands)
-3 lbs (two small pots)
-4 lbs (Canon Rebel XT, battery, case, instructions, etc.)
-8 lbs (clothes)
-59 lbs (books)
-10 lbs (scanner)
-20 lbs (large lamp)
-47 lbs (more books)
-21 lbs (still more books!)
-20 lbs (paper samples from my design days)
+8 (new guitar + soft case)
-6 (old guitar + soft case)
-32 lbs (misc stuff donated)
+8 (net gain from replacing 9 year old microwave which stopped working)
-12 (misc stuff thrown out)

-377 lbs net reduction!

This year, without much left I’d care to eliminate because I’m not trying to become a hermit, just remove excesses, I’m going to have a no net gain pledge. That is, whatever new stuff I bring it that doesn’t replace something I have, I will have to get rid of something that much in weight. New stuff replacing old stuff will count towards this total if there is a noticeable change in weight of the two items, like the microwave replacement last year on the list above.

Earth Day Pledges 2010

My big pledge, though, will be where I am getting my food, as well as what food I am getting. I’m currently a typical grocery store shopper for convenience. I don’t know much from where my food really come (whether source or how far for “food miles” calculations), how it was grown, what was used to grow it, etc. There is a lot of great local food out there. I just need to readjust my shopping habits, read some labels, ask some questions, alter my taste palette a bit, etc. It’s something I think a lot of people can do that will better their health while helping the planet. It’s about wanting to do it and putting a little work into doing it. I’m going to prove it and blog about it occasionally throughout the year as I learn and make changes. I don’t believe in changing everything at once to be an effective way to change your lifestyle. I believe in one step at a time, two every now and then, and that the hardest step in every journey is taking the first step.

So I’ll be hitting the farmers’ market this Saturday for starters. I’m going to get some knowledgeable friends to give me tours in other weekends. Organics will be in the works, farm visits, and so on.

This goal will help my health. It will help the Earth. It will help the local economy. I’m an integrative thinker and I love it when things come together.

What did you pledge for Earth Day 2010?

What about pledging even if you read this after April 22, 2010? There’s nothing that says you have to wait till any particular time to start doing something to help the planet, you know! 🙂

Please click here for Update 1 on my progress: June  7, 2010.


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.3

3 thoughts on “My Earth Day Pledges for 2010, Do You Have One?

  1. My Earth Day pledge came in the form of starting a new business to build energy-efficient homes in Nova Scotia. I started INNOVA BUILDERS partly out of frustration with what I was seeing around me.

    Over the years, I have watched many so-called “green” homes built. Often, I saw corners cut, ventilation systems installed improperly, and obsolete insulation systems used. Even the newer methods used to meet minimum code requirements were not properly implemented. With some research, and my engineering background, I discovered some very simple modifications that can be used to create a very tight, very efficient building envelope, which will use so much less energy.

    With the envelope of your home properly constructed, you need a much smaller heat source to provide all the heating necessary. The home is also easier to cool in the summer, so your overall energy requirements go way down. Many builders tend to put up “spec” houses and need to get them up as quickly and cheaply as possible; and the subtrades used are often not of the greatest quality, and so the home quality suffers. People going into these freshly finished houses see only new flooring and paint, not what happpened in the wall, where it really counts.

    For these reasons, and more, INNOVA BUILDERS will be my ongoing contribution to keeping our environment as clean as possible.

    And those who work with me to create their beautiful home will have the comfort of knowing they are doing their part, too.

    Andrew W. Alcorn, CET
    Innova Builders, Inc.
    (902) 499-4839

    Member – Halifax Chamber of Commerce
    Member – Canada Green Building Council (Atlantic Chapter)

  2. Thanks so much. I appreciate the thoughts.
    I just launched last week so getting the word out now. I hope people will start some discussions.

    Andrew W. Alcorn, CET
    Innova Builders, Inc.
    (902) 499-4839

    Member – Halifax Chamber of Commerce
    Member – Canada Green Building Council (Atlantic Chapter)

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