Obama’s 2010 Barackets Done in Round 4, Only Ahead of 56% of ESPN Brackets

President Barack Obama

Please click here to see how President Obama’s Barackets finished in 2010.

Oh, how the fast starters have fallen!

After , President Barack Obama’s 2010 March Madness Barackets Fortunately, for the President, most others’ brackets were also falling apart because of all the upsets in a fantastic March Madness Tournament. The President , staying ahead of 88% of the ESPN brackets. However, Round 4 finished him off.

Da Prez only had hopes for Kentucky and Kansas State coming in, both of whom lost at a tournament bracket whopping 80 points per game in Round 4. To make things worse, Duke made it through, a popular pick among many brackets for the Final 4, who the President did not have… and neither did I. But I did have West Virginia.

With both Kentucky and Kansas State losing, da Prez officially had his Barackets closed out on Saturday night, just half way through Round 4, and could no longer earn points. That meant others would only pass him the rest of the way. It only remains to be seen how far da Prez will fall.

Well, after Duke and Michigan State won today, President Barack Obama’s Barackets is ahead of only 55.7% of the brackets on ESPN. From 88% to 56% in one day? OUCH! Da Prez went from an A to a D within a day!

With the next rounds having values of 160 and 320 points per game, respectively, and sufficient numbers picking West Virginia, Duke and Michigan State to do well in the Final Four, the President stands to fall even further. And like I said before, it only remains to be seen how far da Prez will fall.

My ESPN brackets had a tough Sunday as well, but I still have West Virginia remaining. Standing proud ahead of 89.5% of the brackets, I’m still getting an A. I had started out ahead of just 37% after Round 1.

So I’ve beaten da Prez again. Hehehe!

Pending what happens to close things out, I might even kick his butt! Actually, you might argue I’ve kicked his butt already if I’m sitting that far ahead of him.

However, it all means nothing. I could never get that health care bill da Prez got done in the US, and that’s by far the more important thing.

But it’s still cool to beat da Prez! 🙂

How are your brackets doing?


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