Definition: Sunny-day Flooding, Radiative or Climate Forcing, Cloud Parameterization, Insolation, Four Way Test, Rotarians

One talk, complex science, modern phenomena, and deep philosophy!

Btw, there’s a new building in Halifax I know that’s going to be prone to sunny day flooding… but nobody seems to be listening.


Radiative or climate forcing

The difference between insolation absorbed by the Earth and energy radiated back to space



Sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface, or is absorbed by it


(Cloud) parameterization

Method of replacing (cloud) processes that are too small-scale or complex to be physically represented in the (atmospheric) model by a simplified process



Rotary Club members


Four Way Test

A nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships (Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?)


Sunny-day flooding

Flooding that occurs just when tides are high due to rising sea levels, rather than abnormal weather events


President Obama’s Barackets Done Before Final 4… And I’ve Beaten Him Again!

There’s still one game left before the 2014 NCAA March Madness Final Four, and President Obama’s Barackets is already done! With Michigan State going out to the Cinderella-ish UConn Huskies, da Prez’s Barackets has no potential points left. He still has Florida in place, but he had Michigan State beating them in the national semi-finals so he has no points left.

It now only remains to be seen how many behind him still have some teams left who can get points. After the Michigan state game, the President is still ahead of 74.7% of entries on ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. That lead is the only thing the President still has going for him to salvage some sort of decent final placement, which he may still get depending on who wins from now on. Only 0.4% of brackets had UConn getting more points, 5.7% had Wisconsin, 2.1% had Kentucky, but 15.4% still has Michigan to get more points, and 41.1% still has Florida to get more points. So the President can still finish respectfully, to completely tank!

President Obama’s Barackets

My ESPN Brackets

I’m in not much better shape with only Florida remaining. However, I am ahead of the President… and I have Florida to win it all so if they do, I can really smoke the President, and many others. Unfortunately, UConn was the last team who beat Florida so that should be some rematch! UConn is playing better than they did then, and it only remains to be seen if Florida has improved as much. Mathematically, though, I have beaten the President and that is 5/6 years now. 🙂

I am currently ahead of 87.7% of brackets on ESPN. But by having Florida, if you look at the math above of teams remaining still able to get points, take out the Florida part and I’m going to finish at least at a respectable level. Yay!

Obama’s Barackets Still Doing Well After Elite 8 With Trouble Looming

After the Elite 8, President Barack Obama’s Barackets are still beating 89.5% of the brackets entered in ESPN’s March Madness Tournament Challenge. See links below for his picks. However, he only has Louisville remaining, and had picked Indiana to win it all. So pending who wins and who else picked what, he could end up very well, or slide big time. If Louisville makes it to the championship game but do not win, damage will be minimized, relatively speaking. If Louisville wins, lots of people might pass da Prez’ Barackets. If Louisville doesn’t win and one of the other Final Four team wins, the President will be flying high because relatively few people picked any of the other choices to have gone far.

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Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson)

Happy Canada Day! On the day I am writing, that is. You know, for a small population nation, we can compete with anybody when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll and other popular music!

Four Strong Winds is a timeless Canadian song that was written by Ian Tyson in 1960. It was voted the most essential songs in English language Canadian pop music history in a 10 week poll by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 2005 (top 50 list). I doubt it will ever leave that chart, whether or not it would hold on to top spot as time goes by.

The song is based on the life of transient farm workers, forced to move where work can be found, but its theme is the sometimes temporary nature of human relationships. That’s about as nice a summary as I could find. You listen to the song and read the lyrics in the great fan video below and see/hear for yourself. The song even has subtle horse hoof running sounds! Love it!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Four Strong Winds, Ian Tyson Guitar Tabs Letter Sized PDF

Four Strong Winds, Ian Tyson Guitar Tabs Tabloid Sized PDF

Four Strong Winds, Ian Tyson Ukulele Tabs Letter Sized PDF

Four Strong Winds, Ian Tyson Ukulele Tabs Tabloid Sized PDF

These tabs all fit on one page to avoid the inconvenience of page turns. However, the letter size tabs (8.5″ x 11″) may be too small for your eyes. If so, you can either enlarge to tabloid size (11″ x 17″) using an automatic enlarge feature on many photocopiers, or download the tabloid sized versions for printing. The tabloid size tabs can be inserted into a typical letter sized binder on the 11″ size, and folded almost in half to fit. You just open each tab to use it.

This song is very singable, in most people voice ranges without requiring a huge range. There are only a handful of chords, and easy ones at that. Nothing complicated about the strumming, either.

The arrangement I have chosen for the tabs include the tune as Neil Young sang it in the video above, without the guitar break. Note the fine differences between the last notes of the third and sixth lines of both verse and chorus. It’s a very fine difference, but that’s why I have included the notes in my tabs. You can pic out the notes to know what I had in mind to go with the chords listed rather than guess, as you often have to do with most online tabs. In some of those cases, there are actual errors people make in singing out of tune, then putting a wrong chord to it, but I’m not going to go further down that road.

However, I have left the verses and chorus in the order Ian Tyson originally wrote them. It starts out with the chorus, then verse, chorus, verse and ending with that beautiful chorus again. Ian and his wife Sylvia sing the song below. It’s a nice version, just a tad harder to tab and sing than Neil’s version with all the country style nuances.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Between the two videos and tune notes left on the tabs, I hope you’ll be able to figure it all out.

Oh, for the ukulele tabs, I left out the D7 transition chord compared to the guitar version. The ukulele D7 didn’t sound right without much of a bass set of notes.

Please click here for guitar and ukulele tabs and chords to other songs on this blog.

Other notes about Four Strong Winds:

Ian and Sylvia Tyson

This folk classic has been recorded by many artists including Neil Young on his 1978 album Comes a Time (Young also performed the song with The Band at the famous The Last Waltz concert, and in his 2005 documentary Neil Young: Heart of Gold), Sarah McLachlan, Hank Snow, The Seekers, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, The Searchers, Teenage Fanclub, John Denver, Bobby Bare, The Brothers Four (in an album by the same name), The Kingston Trio, Trini Lopez, Waylon Jennings, Chad and Jeremy, Ulf Lundell, The Tragically Hip, Joan Baez, and most recently, Johnny Cash. It was a hit by Bobby Bare in 1964. It was also a big hit in Norway in 1966 in a Norwegian version: “Mot ukjent sted” by The Vanguards and a big hit in Sweden in 1967 in a Swedish version: “Mot okänt land” recorded by The Hep Stars.

The mentioning of Alberta in the lyrics led it to be considered in a contest to choose a provincial song, which it did not win. Additionally, the song is sung on the last night of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival each year.


Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.4