Obama’s Barackets Still Doing Well After Elite 8 With Trouble Looming

After the Elite 8, President Barack Obama’s Barackets are still beating 89.5% of the brackets entered in ESPN’s March Madness Tournament Challenge. See links below for his picks. However, he only has Louisville remaining, and had picked Indiana to win it all. So pending who wins and who else picked what, he could end up very well, or slide big time. If Louisville makes it to the championship game but do not win, damage will be minimized, relatively speaking. If Louisville wins, lots of people might pass da Prez’ Barackets. If Louisville doesn’t win and one of the other Final Four team wins, the President will be flying high because relatively few people picked any of the other choices to have gone far.

As for my picks, I am ahead of 71.3% of the brackets. My only chance to beat da Prez is if Louisville wins it all.

Same goes for data miner Nate Silver’s picks, although he’s ahead of 87.3% of the brackets right now. Games towards the end count big so if you don’t have the right teams, you can slide quite a bit, or make up a lot of grounds just on one team winning it all or going past the Final Four.

The popular consensus picks is doing just as well as I am and will share the same fate as my picks with only Louisville remaining and being picked to go all the way.

My liberal choices to try to accommodate the parody expected in this tournament, well, let’s just not talk about that any more.

The links below show who picked what among brackets analyzed here.


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