Are Your Brackets Hurting as Much as President Barack Obama’s Barackets After Round Two?

President Barack Obama

Please click here for the update after Round 3 of 2010 March Madness.

After a great Round 2 of major upsets in the 2010 NCAA March Madness Tournament, there’s not a lot of point asking most people how well their brackets are doing. The more appropriate question would be how hurting it is? And the popular standard is that of President Barack Obama‚Äôs Barackets.

Obama’s Barackets is scored on the ESPN scoring system. That rewards 10 points per correct game in the first round, 20 points in the second round, with 40, 80, 160 and 320 in the following respective rounds). President Obama is sitting at 430 points after two rounds. That is good for place number 341,292 of the over 4.5 million brackets on ESPN, or better than 92.8% of them so he’s still getting an A+.

However, the President only has 520 potential points remaining (PPR) with his overall champion Kansas gone, Villanova to the Final Four and Georgetown Elite Eight.

Personally, I trailed da Prez by 40 points after Round 1, but only trail him by 20 points now. Yet, the 20 point gain has allowed me to make tremendous gains. My ESPN brackets sat at place 2,978,307 or ahead of a very lousy 37.6 percent of the entries after Round 1. However, I now have 410 points, good enough for 846,668th place, and ahead of 82.2% of the brackets at ESPN or an A-.

But I do have a potential 640 points remaining compared to Obama’s 520, though I had also picked Kansas to win.

The leaders are well ahead of Obama and I, but this isn’t about winning as comparing yourself to da Prez! Still, I am amazed at their ability and luck to be doing so well.

How much are your brackets hurting?


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