Obama’s Barackets Finish Barely Above Half in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge

Barack Obama / Sarah Palin Spoof (show this to your friends!)

Please click here for President Obama’s 2011 Barackets.

We knew it was coming. President Barack Obama’s 2010 NCAA March Madness Barackets were out of teams by the middle of the Elite Eight. It started slipping down the ESPN tournament standings. It was only a matter of how far it would fall.

With Duke’s championship win (spit!), da Prez’s Barackets ended up beating just barely half of the ESPN brackets. He finished ahead of only a dismal 51.1% of about 5 million brackets entered.

And we thought da Prez knew his basketball.

Well, he did for a couple of rounds, picking good upsets in the first and second rounds. He was ahead of 96.5% of the brackets after Round 1. Then it started falling apart. But because so many high seeds started to fall, he didn’t do too badly until Round 4 as most people fell with him.

But when it fell apart, it really fell apart.

Better luck next year, Mr President!

I beat ya again this year. My ESPN brackets finished ahead of 77.5% of the brackets.

Glad to see you’re doing better with the health care bill. 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 3.9


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