A Pub ic Practical Joke

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Back on April Fool’s Day, I shared some really good and practical advice on removing “pubic” from spellcheck to avoid some potentially very embarrassing misspellings that wouldn’t be caught! Today, I’m going the other way with the same mishap, except now, I’m creating it instead of trying to prevent it.

There are the odd signs that has the word “public” in it, like “public playground” or “public parking”. If you know where some are, or make it a point to go to some popular areas where there are either lots of people, or parking, and search for them, you’ll be able to find them.

While you search, or if you know where some are, bring some yellow and white duct tape and scissors. Any time you see one, cut a strip of the tape the colour of the sign, that would be just enough to cover the likely lowercase letter “l” (el), and turn “public” into “pub ic”! And see what kinds of signs you might get!

  • Pub ic park
  • Pub ic parking
  • Pub ic playground
  • Pub ic property
  • Pub ic gardens
  • Pub ic road
  • Pub ic space
  • Pub ic trail

And who knows what else?

Given the fact the tape can be peeled off without damage to the sign, it might not even qualify as vandalism! I’m no lawyer and don’t care to take the time to examine how vandalism laws are generally written, but I can argue on that much logic, at least!

Give it a try! 😉


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