A Pub ic Practical Joke

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Back on April Fool’s Day, I shared some really good and practical advice on removing “pubic” from spellcheck to avoid some potentially very embarrassing misspellings that wouldn’t be caught! Today, I’m going the other way with the same mishap, except now, I’m creating it instead of trying to prevent it.

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Which Road Sign Would Best Symbolize Your Life?

So far, at least.

And why?

And what road sign would you like to describe the rest of your life?

Interesting little exercise I came up with for myself in writing a haiku. Besides the thought required, it could also be interesting for writing exercises, whether English as a first, second, or foreign language.

The road sign best symbolizing my life so far is…

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Should There Be Horoscopes for Ophiuchus?

The constellation Ophiuchus in the night sky

The world has finally been enlightened to the true dates of the zodiac, and that it contains a 13th sign called Ophiuchus, the “serpent-bearer”. Many of those formerly told they were born under Scorpio and Sagittarius were actually born under Ophiuchus. Should they have their own horoscopes now that the world has been enlightened to this?

If you want to make a real case about it, Scorpio is only 7 days long in the current alignment of the zodiac, while Ophiuchus is 18 days long. It would hardly seem fair Ophiuchus gets left out!

And if you believe in horoscopes, how could you believe it to be accurate if you knew a full real sign were left out?