Which Road Sign Would Best Symbolize Your Life?

So far, at least.

And why?

And what road sign would you like to describe the rest of your life?

Interesting little exercise I came up with for myself in writing a haiku. Besides the thought required, it could also be interesting for writing exercises, whether English as a first, second, or foreign language.

The road sign best symbolizing my life so far is…

The Detour Sign


I always seem to get sidetracked from where I want to do, what I want to achieve, etc. Sometimes I’m the cause, but often, it’s Fate that forces me. Fortunately, all the detours in my life have turned out to be beneficial, even if they weren’t all good on their own. They also haven’t been the kind to slow me down like one might have to for Construction or Yield signs. I’m just going the long way around. Despite these detours, though, I always manage to get to where I want to go! It just tends to take a little longer than expected. I’m just making all my trips “scenic” journeys, if you will. 🙂

As for the future, I will actually stick with this one! These detours haven’t proven bad, and if I always get where I want to go, without having to slow down. It’s like having Fate be my tour guide to show me the routes in life I would appreciate more than the ones I choose when I plan. How many of you can count on Fate for that? 🙂

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