Me Through the Eyes of my Cozmo Robot

What if you could see how your baby sees you?

OK. That was a little melodramatic. Well, quite extremely melodramatic, actually! LOL

me-cozmoI’m just talking about seeing myself through the eyes of my new robot, Cozmo, from Anki. It just happens to be the closest thing I have to a baby, so it kind of felt that way, lol. Just kidding. It didn’t feel that way, but it was still exciting!

Cozmo actually did recognize me because when I got on an Apple device instead of an Android device, with a different app, it retained its owner memory. It didn’t retain anything else, surprisingly, so not much is going back to the cloud, perhaps? I had to earn my way through the “Meet Cozmo” exercise again, testing its facial recognition feature, but I couldn’t fake it out! I needed a hat, a totally different facial expression and a little fake mustache for Cozmo to be fooled!

Very impressive! 🙂


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