Net Negative Day Alternative to Buy Nothing Day and Black Friday

Today is Black Friday for crazy shopping in North America. To protest and counter that, people came up with Buy Nothing Day, but might well turn around to buy something throughout the weekend that now has extended to Cyber Monday. Buying nothing for one day but buying the same net amount later is like delayed hypocrisy. Buy Nothing Day has its merits, but it’s not practical for a lot of people who might be able to save money on something they really need. Buy Nothing Day is a lot more affordable for the wealthy than the less wealthy.

As an alternative to Buy Nothing Day, try what I thought of and practiced this year. It’s something much more practical that I call Net Negative Day. The principle is simple.

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NIGHTWING Running Body Suit / Cosplay

When I found out Wild Ginger fashion design software had a pattern choice for a body suit, I was so stoked! Being a geek and nerd, you can just imagine how many cosplays I have at my disposal being able to make body suits. I can even make some for girls! However, it was the practical thought of having superhero body suits to run in that was most appealing to me! Why run around in boring running clothes, and not great ones at that for a little 5’2″ 108 lb guy like me, when you can do it in a chic superhero outfit? I’ve had the same thing running clothes for about 15 years cause it’s so hard to find stuff that fits, or can be tailored properly to avoid causing chafing or wardrobe malfunctions. Besides, the streets could use a little livening up if superheroes and villains were running around them.

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