DENVER Tuque (double layered fleece)


DENVER tuque

This tuque has 4 panels, unlike the CANADIANA tuque blogged about yesterday that had 5 panels. Due to the panel print of this fleece of the Denver Broncos, though, I had to make it in 12 pieces to get a design I liked, not 3 pieces like yesterday’s tuque, even though it could have been done with 1 piece as shown below. It doesn’t quite match the BRONCOS fleece jacket I made a few years back, due to me not having any of that fleece left, but it’ll still look cool together.

4-panel-2-layer-1-piece-tuque-patternAt left is a picture of the one piece pattern I used. When you make these patterns, make sure the angle of the edges making pointed tips add up to 360 degrees (forming a circle that it does at the tip of the hat when joined). You get that angle by dividing 360 degrees by the number of tips. So here, with 4 tips, each angle is 90 degrees.

With this hat, since the print panels were all square, I had to do each hat panel separately. Four panels fit my head circumference so 4 panels it was. Double layered and that left 8 pieces. Think 4 pieces for the upper tips, and 4 for the lower ones. In the middle were 4 rectangular connecting pieces.

The 4 paneled tuque will look a bit more boxy than the 5 paneled tuque made yesterday, naturally. However, if you don’t have fabric that lines up well, or want to put on some applique or something larger, then you’ll have to settle for 4 panels.

Gold rating

I was quite happy with how this tuque turned out. The alignment of all the print panels weren’t perfect for edges, but pretty good overall. The content inside couldn’t all be lined up evenly just by how things were printed. I made sure to put the time into doing all the proper things to make the sewing quality extremely durable, like serging many seams and doubling up on stitching of those I couldn’t serge.

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