My Nawlins Fabric Shopping Trip

I just got back from a fantastic vacation in Nawlins (New Orleans) where I spent 2 weeks with my Parents in their life to see what their life was like there, not zipping around, doing crazy things and such Nawlins is infamous for. Of course, I did a little fabric shopping while there. Being a bit out in the suburbs, I wasn’t close to a lot of fabric stores except Hancock Fabrics and the fabric sections in several Wal-mart stores. Yet, this was great because they had what I was looking for, which was a lot of licenced “geek” themed fabrics at affordable prices not found in Canada… or at least in Halifax where I live. As a result of all that, my fabric shopping haul this time probably won’t interest too many of my lady friends in the Atlantic Sewing Guild. Click to enlarge the thumbnails below to see in more detail. Please note I took pics of some out below a meshed patio cover so that there are shadows in the pictures. Those dark lines are not part of the print!

I’m most excited about these fabrics because of all the garments I plan to be making with them, having bought with ideas to get sufficient quantities of them. Some of these will go toward pajamas, but most will go towards casual outfits that resemble uniforms, the way I make my pajamas, which can double as pajamas. Some fabrics I only have enough for tops, but all tops will serve as Hawaiian style shirts, just with superheroes instead of flowers. Hey, I get enough assumptions made about me as a guy who sews, I don’t need to reinforce them by making clothes with flowers!

If the prints were only anime or something more Japanese, I could call them Kawaiian style shirts, with Kawaii being Japanese for “cute”. Maybe I will anyways. But that’s what you can look forward to in my wardrobe. I can’t wait to get them done!

I can only tell you for sure the Elvis print will be pajamas and casual shirt, and that the elephants one won’t be for me. But it was way too cute to turn down at like $2 a yard! The horses will be for a yoke on a cowboy dress shirt with denim around that yoke. Everything else will be become geek wardrobe that I hope to show off at my local comic-con, Hal-Con, in 2015, because I won’t be able to attend this year due to a family wedding on the same weekend on the other side of the continent.

Most of the Wal-mart stuff was under $5 a yard, which was fantastic! Hancock’s stuff I had to wait for a sale to get at about $7-9 a yard, but they were worth it to me. If you like this sort of geek fabric and can get to an American Wal-mart, bring some money and shop away! I wish I had better access to American Wal-mart than the pansy Canadian ones that don’t sell much of this stuff, only precut amounts for much more.

Next trip, California in November! Time to sew away to use up this batch and save away for the next batch! 🙂

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