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May all your travels be life changing

Travels life quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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I’m currently visiting my Parents on a trip that will be life changing, which I aspire all my travels to be. I think a trip which does not change your life, or life perspectives in some way that you can implement to change your life, is a trip wasted. I wonder what my well travelled fellow blogger, Lesley Carter of, thinks what travel should do for people. This quote is for her and her Likes of my posts. I should learn to leave Likes when I read stuff!

I’m blogging from a tablet for the first time, and it’s not convenient! I can’t even figure out how to select text and insert a link! Sorry, Lesley!

Posts will be a little sparse and curt for the next couple of weeks while I’m on vakay, but I’ll be back at it regularly soon enough.

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