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Even distance running is more interesting than men’s fashion

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I’ve done a lot of distance running over the years. Enough to have done 31 marathons, in fact. I’m still doing it but a lot less interested than I used to be when it was the centre of my life. These days, I’m sewing a lot to redo most of my wardrobe except underwear, socks, and some athletic and casual T-shirts. That’s because I have trouble finding a lot of garments to fit well to my 5’2″ 108 lb frame, and most of what I find without requiring much tailoring, are youth stuff, which isn’t exactly interesting, formal, classy, and the likes, for the most part. I am also a designer by nature (and used to be a professional graphic designer) so I love to design. It all makes sense.

I’ve been on Pinterest for over a year now to expand my awareness and knowledge of fashion. That includes both men’s and women’s fashion, but mostly women because that’s what most of it involves. The men’s stuff is not only relatively rare, it’s boring as hell! There’s hardly any difference among all the so-called different styles. Colour range is less than the length of my running stride. And where there is some deviation, it is often grotesque more than practical or pleasing. Having seen and experience of both, now, I feel qualified to judge this opinion. I think any true fashionista who knows men’s fashion would have to agree.

As for my wardrobe I’m redesigning. Nothing too radical, just a little different with Mandarin or band collar shirts, flat bottom not tucked in, buttons hidden behind a central placket, multiple pieces like yokes, some degree of asymmetry, often themes or meanings, and interesting colour combinations. Short coats are a little similar but some being long duster style (not trench), and some fleece jackets. That’s the main stuff seen by the public. All will make use of the full range of fabric colours and the occasional picture print, along with a wide range of fabrics. I’ve started posting some garments on here, but will have more in the future. I’m behind on some of the latest garments made.

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