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There are many occasions when few words are not better

occasions words quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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But quote writing isn’t one of them! lol

Seriously, a lot of times when people complain about excessive language, like with laws, the question I ask is if they can’t get it clear using that many words, what makes you think it can be clearer in fewer words? Of course, there are many times when it could be, but as I have dealt with more legal matters over the years, I have begun to slightly appreciate the need for all those words. Slightly. I still think lawyers over complicate a lot of things with their systems, reliance on precedence, and such. Sometimes it just feel like it’s there to be proprietary so no one else but them can do the work. Protectionism, I think that’s generally called. However, if you’ll note, a lot of times when people argue the law, it’s about things not covered, or not clear enough, despite all those words used. Using fewer words would not make it any clearer.

A great book is also where you’d want more words, so you can just keep reading and enjoy the writing style. Many other occasions exist, too.

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