President Obama’s 2013 Barackets Doing Excellent After Sweet 16

Oh, how a round changes things in March Madness! After the second round (now actually called third round), President Obama’s Barackets were standing at the 62.2 percentile. That is, his was ahead of 62.2 percent of the brackets submitted on ESPN. Well, after the Sweet 16, he is now standing in the 92.2 percentile! (see bracket links below).

However, he lost his eventual champion of Indiana so a fall from grace is due. It’ll only be a matter of when, but quite possibly only when the eventual winner is determined in that last round that is worth a lot of points, for which he will have no chance at predicting. It only remains to be seen who picked that champion and how well they picked the rest of the brackets to see if they could finish ahead of da Prez. If the eventual champion will be a popular choice like Louisville, the President’s Barackets might fall far in that final step. If it were a long shot like Wichita State, or even a slight long shot like Florida or Syracuse ranked further down, the President’s Barackets might well finish quite high.

Meanwhile, data miner Nate Silver’s picks continues to do well at the 90.2 percentile. His Louisville eventual champion is still alive.

The most popular picks set is doing OK at the 67.0 percentile. My picks are no better or worse. We also have Louisville as eventual champs and could overtake the President in that final game if we end up being right.

Finally, my picks to try to guess the parody happening in this tournament is at a miserable 21.2 percentile.

Click on the clinks below to see the brackets analyzed above.


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