President Obama’s Barackets Busted After Sweet 16

After the Sweet 16 that saw a lot of people’s NCAA March Madness brackets busted a bit more with popular Louisville going down to Kentucky, President Obama’s Barackets’ can finally be declared busted. The President had picked Louisville to be in the national championship game so he has lost a lot of potential points to come. He is still ahead of 78.2% of entries, but it remains to be seen how many ahead of him picked Louisville to go so far. About 28% picked Louisville to reach the Final Four, which won’t happen for them, and 9.4% picked Louisville to be in national championship game. The thing we don’t know is how many are ahead or behind the Prez to determine how much he may or may not slide due to that bad pick.

I, too, had picked Louisville to get to the Final Four, but not to the national championship game. That’s a potential 160 points I can still pick up on the President if Arizona can get to the national championship game. My brackets are getting busted, too, but I’m still ahead of 93.3% of entrants at this point. The thing is, one game wrong now can wipe that lead away easily.

Onward to the Elite 8!

My ESPN Brackets

President Obama’s Barackets


President Obama’s 2013 Barackets Doing Excellent After Sweet 16

Oh, how a round changes things in March Madness! After the second round (now actually called third round), President Obama’s Barackets were standing at the 62.2 percentile. That is, his was ahead of 62.2 percent of the brackets submitted on ESPN. Well, after the Sweet 16, he is now standing in the 92.2 percentile! (see bracket links below).

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Obama Ahead of 96.8% of ESPN Brackets After Sweet 16, But Could Fall Fast!

President Barack Obama

Please click here to see how Obama’s Barackets is doing after the Elite 8.

Despite many candidates vying for the role of Cinderella in the 2011 March Madness tournament, President Barack Obama’s Barackets remain super strong after the Sweet 16. The Barackets is still ahead of 96.8% of some 6 million ESPN Tournament Challenge entries because of the excellent upsets da Prez picked in the first and second rounds. However, the Barackets are now reliant only on Kansas, who the POTUS had picked to win it all.

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69 Printable Alice in Wonderland Cards and Posters

The movie Alice in Wonderland has a lot of great images, and many of them are available online at fairly large sizes. However, they are often a bit grainy, or not of a convenient size to take and print, and lacking a little punch in colour intensity. Well, I’ve remedied that with this collection of high resolution printable cards and posters of images from Alice in Wonderland.

These are high resolution (300 dpi) files you can use to print at your local photo machine or store. Chain stores processing photos like Walmart and Staples are more than good enough to print these nicely. You can also use these images for all the photo gifts you can get these days, whether on cups, T-shirts, blankets or just good old fashioned posters.

The files come in several sizes:

  • 6 x 4 inches
  • 8 x 12 inches
  • 12 x 18 inches
  • 16 x 24 inches

All of these can be scaled to 6×4 inch photos without cutting off anything so you can print any file here as a 6×4 photo. I didn’t want to have smaller versions of larger poster files for the sake of smaller sizes.

Please be patient for downloads because the bigger files are several MB in size.

You can print these files at larger sizes, up to 50% larger for the 8×12 sizes and larger. Some sharpness would be lost, obviously, but I think they should still be OK instead of high quality, as they are at the recommended sizes listed with each picture. A lot also depends on the printer you use. Since I can’t afford to test print all these images at larger sizes, on all printers, to see how they turn out, if you print at larger than listed sizes, you would be doing so at your own risk.

I have also created wallpapers and backgrounds for iPhones and Blackberries from these files.

Please do not print these files for commercial use because it’s one thing to create fan art to share for people’s use, it’s another to be profiting off of them. Thank you.

Please click here for the official Alice in Wonderland Press Kit PDF
(61 pages of Alice in Wonderland history, characters, cast, production notes, etc.)


Who Do You Think Will Win the 2010 NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament?

Please click here to see President Obama’s 2010 Barackets, and get analysis after Round 2


The NCAA Selection Committee has just released the 65 teams chosen for the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament.

NCAA March Madness Printable Tournament Brackets 2010 PDF
(click on link to download)

Congratulations to all the teams, and the Kansas Jayhawks for the overall #1 seed.

With the brackets announced, we’re ready to go with March Madness, so below are a few fun polls for you to answer. You can also share these with your friends by each poll or for the entire blog post. Please use the “Share” buttons as you see with each poll or at the bottom, respectively. You’ll only be able to vote once since the polls are blocked by cookies, unless you cheat and do some techie fix on your machine. As a result, I can leave some polls for the entire tournament! I will add more as results come in and new match ups appear, and close out some that no longer apply.

You can see the voting results by clicking on View Results for each poll. The first bunch of people will have to come back to see more meaningful results as the numbers pile up.

Pending numbers I get by late Wednesday, I will enter at least one bracket with some recommendations by the votes here. Call it guidance by the wisdom of crowds. You can play online at the NCAA site or at the ESPN site, among the many out there. Get info on each team with one-click via ESPN’s brackets page.


To start, the biggest question is who will win? To keep things manageable and practical, I will limit it to the top 4 teams in each bracket and a few votes for lower ranked teams by ranking.



Personally, I will use the results here by rank as a guide to construct some wallpapers for various schools in the upcoming weeks so there’s just a little at stake for me here.


Of course, upsets are what makes March Madness so fun. So let’s start with the #1 teams.


What about the #2 teams?


And the top 4 teams (in each bracket) NOT making the Sweet 16?


There is usually at least one #12 over #5 upset in the first round. You can pick as many answers as you think apply.


How’s about the #10 and #11 team upsets?


Any teams #13 and below you expect to win in the first round for a bigger upset?


And let’s not forget the #8 and #9 teams which are the closest match-ups, but not always the closest games for some reason.


Which #1 seed would you least like to see win?


And to round out the business…



Any other thoughts, advice or comments you’d like to share? Maybe a “Cinderella” team? There are too many teams for me to poll, and too vague a definition of how far one needs to go to be called a “Cinderella”. Maybe I can poll that later once a few team emerges, if a few team emerges.