Obama’s 2011 Barackets Now Ahead of 99.9% of ESPN Brackets After Round 2!

President Barack Obama

Please click here to see how President Obama’s ESPN Barackets are doing after the Sweet 16.

Despite some major upsets like #1 Pitt going down, President Obama’s 2011 NCAA March Madness Barackets is now ahead of 99.9% of ESPN brackets after two rounds!

That is behind 7,548 entries, but ahead of about 6 million others!

That’s also a gain of 0.1% from Round 1. Not much, maybe, but it’s not like da Prez had much room to progress standing at 99.8th percentile after Round 1. To gain against the best of the best is outstanding!

Da Prez really has his March Madness mojo going this year! See his Barackets after Round 2 below.

Da Prez did pick Pitt to go the Final Four, but so did many others. His other weakness right now is #3 Purdue to go to the Elite 8. However, the secret of his success seems to be that the upsets he did not pick, was also not picked by just about everybody else. He didn’t have the #11 VCU Rams going to the Sweet 16, nor #10 Florida State, nor #12 Richmond, for example.

But how nice is it to finally get some real long shot upsets going deep and put the madness in March Madness, eh?

And how’s about those VCU Rams, eh? Someone should have been an oracle to tell the nation to “beware the Ram” before the tournament started, to mess with their heads into thinking North Carolina (Tar Heels are rams), hehehe!

A lot of the games had somewhat controversial endings, but in my opinion, only the Texas Longhorns got robbed. That was a 4 second violation that ref called, not a 5 second violation. They did the analysis and what the guy probably did was counted 1 the moment he handed off the ball. Either that or he was nervous when it should have been the players who were nervous. What a tragedy for the Longhorns.

But life goes on, and so do I to my first March Madness tournament in like 20 years of watching it on TV in Canada. I get to see my favourite Mormon in action and I can’t wait! I wish I had tickets to go see North Carolina, instead, but other agendas dictated my trip before the brackets were assigned.

As for my brackets, I’m sitting in the 85th percentile, 50 points behind the POTUS or 1.25 games in the Sweet 16. But that’s the nature of this scoring system. As it goes on, the mistakes in the early rounds become almost insignificant. It’s only if you’re trying to win it all that those early round points would matter. Despite beating 99.6% of the brackets, through, the POTUS would be needing to beat 99.99999% of them to win it all. 🙂

So I still hold hope I can beat da Prez like I have done in the past 2 years, but it might come down to the wire this year!

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