Jimmer Fredette is my Favourite Mormon, Who’s Yours?

Jimmer Fredette

After a basketball season of seeing highlights of BYU basketball sensation Jimmer Fredette, my pretty agnostic self and I have decided the Jimmer is my favourite Mormon.

Now, I don’t know many Mormons. Nor do I know of many Mormons. However, that didn’t mean he had no competition in my decision. I spent some time to beef up my Mormon knowledge through a web site listing famous Mormons, which is more than any Mormon have gotten me looking into Mormonry, and I still didn’t find anyone who made me smile or got me as psyched as Jimmer has this year. No Mormon have ever gotten me to blog about Mormons or Mormonry, either.

There were Mormons of every flavour on that site: hot ones, cool ones, fun ones, and a few not so fun ones. But nobody that captivated me like the Jimmer.

When the guy plays, he’s either shooting out the lights or sending up prayers like some sinful Mormon sitting on a bench, but which keeps on getting answered. He’s exciting to watch and makes the players around him better, even if he has sometimes has to do it by carrying them on his back.

Off the dribble and court, Jimmer’s got a great personality, good values, a nice smile and a super name. What more do you want in a Mormon?

Now, if you think I’m extreme in calling the Jimmer my favourite Mormon, check out what NBA basketball star Kevin Durant said in calling Jimmer “the greatest Mormon missionary in the world“. I only found that researching for this article, not writing off the idea.

What’s exciting that remains for me regarding the Jimmer is that I’m going to get to see him in New Orleans in the Sweet Sixteen this weekend! BYU is in tough against a Florida Gators team, and short handed with Brandon Davies on suspension for violating the BYU honour code. However, I’ve got faith the Jimmer will put on a show, maybe even two, in the next rounds of the 2011 March Madness Tournament.

Pending how good those shows are, well, let’s just say I haven’t ruled out going home a Mormon yet! 😉

Who’s your favourite Mormon?

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