Obama Brackets Doing OK After 2 Rounds

After Round 1, President Obama’s 2013 Barackets were hurting pretty badly, standing at the 19.1 percentile among ESPN brackets. However, a mad Round 2 saw a lot of the brackets belonging to people ahead of da Prez get busted (see link below), including mine. That left da Prez at 62.2 percentile among ESPN brackets submitted, or ahead of 62.2 percent of brackets submitted. He’s roughly beating 5 of every 8 brackets submitted, in other words.

Sadly, I am standing at a lousy 41.7 percentile after a great first round. My alternate bracket to try to reflect the parody I expected is doing miserably. I picked all the wrong teams that might have scored big upsets, while not picking the teams that got upset.

Picks I put in from data miner Nate Silver’s odds are holding out quite well after a poor first round. They now stand at an excellent 89.8 percentile!

The “popular pick” is also doing fairly well, at a nice 81.3 percentile. The links to the picks are below so you can see who has what left.

Time now to take a few days and let the heart rest. What a wild and crazy tournament! Can’t wait for more later this week, though!

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