Songs #9-16 for my 30 Day Song Challenge for Facebook

These are the songs #9-16 for my version of the 30 Day Song Challenge for Facebook. My answers for Songs #1-8 can be found here.

9. A song that you know all (or most) of the words

I’m a horrible memorizer (though I have a great memory for other things). This is the only non-kiddie song I know all the words to because it is “systemic” in nature. There’s one verse, you substitute one subject progressively til you start back at the beginning… but man, is it ever brilliant!

10. A song you love in another language

This is my favourite song in a language other than English. It tells the tragic love story of Evangeline, an Acadian story native to Nova Scotia, which makes it all the more meaningful to me as Nova Scotia is my home. However, the song holds up on its own pretty darn well.

11. A song you’re embarrassed to say you love

I generally have a hate on for boy bands, but some dance instructor got this into my blood through a hip hop dance class while I lived in Vancouver. It’s a lot easier to like a song if you had a dance routine for it. 🙂

12. A song you’re proud to say you love

Go ahead, put your hate on for me for it. Once I knew this dance routine (or something close) from hip hop class. It still feels great recalling the experience even though I can’t remember the move sequences any more… like how I’m going to feel one day recalling being able to run like the wind in my past. 🙂

13. A song you loved but now hate

This was the last Beach Boys song I liked. Then my hormones changed or something as I not only not liked the Beach Boys’ music any more, but especially not this song. I can’t explain it.

14. A song you hated but now love

Dad had like 5 guy versions of this song and it was just too slow for my pace in my good young days. However, I’ve learned to slow things down every now and then and have come to love this song… and I LOVE it that much more today having found out Audrey Hepburn sung a version! RU kidding me???

15. A song you like in a genre (category) you don’t like

I dislike 99.9999% of country songs, but this song’s a gem. It was among a handful of songs I listened to atop 14,000 ft Mauna Kea in Kona, Hawaii, last Sept. I came down a different person with the big life changes committed to for 2012 that will eventually change my identity for the next phase in my life. 🙂

16. A song from you favourite band/musician

Bob Dylan is my favourite musician, but since I had shared enough of his songs in other memes, I’m going with U2 as my favourite band. I picked this song because I’m keeping my running at a stand still this year, meaning just maintaining it rather than working to improve. I’ve devoted enough time to it over the years so it’s time to spend even more time doing things that benefit others rather than just me.

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