Songs #1-8 for My 30 Day Song Challenge for Facebook

I have my version of the popular 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook because the one on Facebook just doesn’t have enough variety and challenge, quite frankly. These songs are my answers to my set of 30 challenge criteria for songs to share on Facebook. I would love to hear some of your choices for the categories listed here if you’d leave them in a comment. Enjoy!

1. A song that makes you dance

The was the song I practiced to most when I took hip hop dance classes while living in Vancouver. I still can’t help but start shaking my mojo any time I hear the original Vanilla Ice version or some mash-up like this one.

2. A song that makes you sad

There is no other song for which there are so many versions in so many different styles that could make me cry. Glenn Close, Frank Sinatra, Judy Collins, Barbara Streisand and Sarah Vaughan are among the performers with their own distinct versions that fans rage over which is the best. Also check out this clip of composer Stephen Sondheim teaching the finer points of how this song should be sung, and this clip of Stephen Sondheim talking about this song and its origins.

3. A song you listen to when you’re angry

My FU song is Positively 4th St by Bob Dylan, but I usually sing that rather than listen to it when I’m angry. However, this simple little ditty does the job to calm me down, just from its mellow nature and that phrase “Bring on blue sky”.

4. A song that reminds you of someone

Dad had this on the first tape he got after we got to Canada, and both he and I were fond of this song… before I knew most of the English words, or what Georgia/where was.

5. A song that reminds you of some place

The place would be Dalplex, the sports facility at Dalhousie University where I took many exams over the years. Waiting for the doors to open, when they did, I put this on to get my focus, regulate my breathing and embrace the smart side of the Force. If I had to choose a song with lyrics, it would be Out on the Mira sung by Anne Murray, the unofficial Nova Scotia song that reminded me of my home province while I lived in Vancouver.

6. A song that reminds you of some event

The staff at a fantastic organization called the Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association (MISA), in Halifax, played a parody of this song for me the day I left the organization. The parody? They changed Mame to Minh and the lyrics to some things I did and some impact I had during my time there. They sat me down in the centre of a big room while they moved around and sang like a musicals chorus. I doubt I’ll ever get a better send-off for anything, and I won’t ever forget this one.

7. A song that makes you psyched

This is probably my favourite song to run to because it’s at my racing cadence, a fast and natural body and mental rhythm I can align with easily. Its defiant lyric of strength also helps, even though it’s a love song. I ignore the love bits and just focus on the chorus.

8. A song that makes you laugh

If schadenfreude isn’t part of your vocabulary, perhaps because there is no equivalent word in your language, then you should learn it. It is a word describing one very true human nature so every language spoken by humans should have it.

Songs #9 – #16 for this meme

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