Songs #17-24 for My 30 Day Song Challenge for Facebook

Below are my choices for songs #17-24 for my version of the 30 Day Song Challenge for Facebook.

My answers for Songs #1-8 can be found here.

Songs #9-16 can be found here.

17. A song with a better cover (than the original)

Cole Porter wrote this in 1936 originally, with Al Bowlly having the first recorded version I could find, samba style whereas Frank made it swing.

18. A song original not likely to be bettered by a cover

You just listen to Mistress Sarah and the Big Band. I couldn’t find a video featuring Sarah singing live or with pictures of her.

19. A song with a great tune but bad lyrics

Paul Anka heard this song while in France and bought its rights immediately. He held on to it for a little while and then wrote English lyrics for it as “My Way”, Frank Sinatra’s signature song. Comparing the two is basically comparing “as usual” (English for Comme d’habitude) to “my way”… blah to YEAH! I’m SO glad someone saved this melody from an eternity of obscurity.

20. A song with great lyrics but a bad tune

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day is of my favourite poems, and this rendition of it into song is one of my favourite examples of how to ruin a great set of lyrics. This poem inspired me to write my first song, after it inspired me to write the sonnet that eventually became its lyrics. I bet my tune could work with Shakespeare’s words.

21. A song that is romantic for you (wedding song?)

In February, I did a meme of 28 great love songs so I’m picked something else to avoid repetition. But for the record, I’d take Someone Like You or my first song as a wedding song if it were just up to me.

22. A song you want to play at your funeral

This would be my favourite song, saved for later in this meme at #31. However, my second choice starts at 10:20 in the video. It is the unfinished Lacrymosa from Mozart’s Requiem. The version you usually hear is the version finished by his student, Sussmayr, according to instructions Mozart left. However, Mozart only wrote less than 1 minute of the piece before dying… but hey, that’s life. I’d have the unfinished version played as the last song at my funeral because no matter how long I will have lived, I know it won’t have been enough time for me to try everything I want in life so my life, in a sense, will have been unfinished. It’s also a symbolic and poignant reminder that life doesn’t wait for us to finish everything before dying, so get on with what’s important now!

23. A song you wish you could play or sing (or perform)

I wish I could have found a good version with piano and singing, but I’ll settle for the original classic here on the singing because that’s the far more important of the two components for me. This version here has a nice piano part with a violin playing the melody. Combine the two and that’s what I’m talking about. Who knew it were so rare, someone singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to a piano accompaniment and doing a good job at it? For the record, I don’t have the skills to sing this song, and I can’t play piano, so I’m really stretching things in wishing I could perform this song that way.

24. A song you wish you could duet with someone (who?)

Quite possibly my favourite duet, even more than love duets! I’d duet this with anybody if I could sing the part, but if I had to pick someone, Chloe Agnew of the Celtic Woman series sings a pretty darn good female part. I wished Sarah Brightman had a recording of this somewhere. Also check out this beautiful version by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which has had embedding removed.

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