Rate Super Bowl XLV’s TRON Dressed and 80s Themed Black Eyed Peas Half-time Show

For Super Bowl XLV, the NFL dressed the Black Eyed Peas in TRON Hallowe’en costumes, got them to sound like they would without all the studio mixing and smoothing over of recorded music, and added a little Guns ‘n’ Roses to complete the unmix.

In 2010, the NFL bombed the Super Bowl half time with the Who? that couldn’t sing.

This year, they decided their audience un-aged about 20 years to be wanting the Black Eyed Peas rather than a nearly dead Baby Boomer band.



Then they decided their audience un-aged another 10 years to dress the Black Eyed Peas in TRON simulated outfits, with glow in the dark people on the stadium floor simulating a flash mob.

Double Facepalm


However, their new un-aged audience wasn’t really that young, because after just about a couple of minutes of the Black Eyed Peas singing their hit single, I Got a Feeling,¬†they broke into songs by other 80s groups, like¬†Sweet Child of Mine by GNR.

What? Did the Black Eyed Peas travel back in time or something? Well, maybe they did in those TRON outfits.

And don’t they have enough hits of their own to sing not to have to do cover songs? Talk about an insult!


And to top it all off, the Black Eyed Peas sounded terrible! It was as if they were trying to prove they weren’t lip-syncing or something, with the imperfect sound. It was unpolished, uncoordinated and unpleasant.


And what was with those people dressed in glowy white with a cube on their heads with a slit for them to see where they’re going??? How much did the NFL pay someone to design that???

Bear face palm


Oh, man… when will the NFL ever get the half-time show right???

How’s about Las Vegas offer odds on a good half-time show next year?

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