Brett Favre, R.I.P. (Retire in Peace)

Aaron Rodgers was named Super Bowl XLV Most Valuable Player as he led his Green Bay Packers are world champions in 2011.

I hope this will put most of the Brett Favre comparisons and such to rest.

Brett never won a Super Bowl MVP, and took a lot longer to win a Super Bowl than Aaron did. Brett also did not win it on the road the way Aaron led his Packers to this one.

Sure, Aaron doesn’t have all of Brett’s records yet… the good and the bad ones, but this is a team sport, right?

One Super Bowl apiece. One Super Bowl MVP for Aaron and none for Brett. One much more epic journey than Brett’s.

Time to stop the comparison as Brett retires, quite timely as his heir apparent rose to the throne. If Brett’s smart, he won’t be coming back. I just hope he can cope with life without playing professional football. With every great climb to the top comes a descent. How one handles that is just as, if not more important, than the rise.

Good luck, Brett. May you retire in peace and thanks for the memories!

2 thoughts on “Brett Favre, R.I.P. (Retire in Peace)

  1. I loved Brett Favre as a player, but enough is enough. Played one season to long if you ask me. I would rather have gone out last year if I were him. Always be in my heart Brett, take up golf or something. Aaron your a star of your own making. Didn’t hurt all the years you sat and sucked up playing style.Good luck to my beloved Packers in the coming year.

    • Thanks for your comments, Liz! Yes, soak it in and enjoy it all. You and the Rodgers and Packers fans deserve this after going through the past few years, esp the defeats with Brett at the helm of the Vikings last year. Those couldn’t have been all that fun.

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