Did the Super Bowl XLIV Half Time Show Suck or What?

Please click here for my Super Bowl XLV (2011) review and poll for what you thought.

Is it me, or was the singing of Who’s performance at the Super Bowl half-time was so bad that they’d have been thrown out of any bar for it?

Sure, they are the Who.
Sure, it’s the Super Bowl.
Sure, there were lots of lights and a fantastic stage.

But could any of that compensate for the poor singing?

They couldn’t even sing, for crying out loud! Close your eyes and tell me that was a good performance. Listen and tell me if you heard that from a cover band, you’d give them the thumbs up.

It was a good day for lip synching, let me tell you!

How disappointing! Good waste of money!

I’m posting this before the show is even over! That’s how bad it was!

Let’s not get fooled again!


19 thoughts on “Did the Super Bowl XLIV Half Time Show Suck or What?

  1. Hey, give The Who a chance! They are living legends after all! Wait ’til you get into your sixties and see how your voice holds up. I think Queen Latifa and the blonde who sang the anthem were equally off key. But you don’t attack them, cause why? They’re Americans and the Who is British? Give me a break. The Who started off rough, but they built up energy and the crowd was right with them. And the laser show was magnificent!

    • Nobody hypes much about the pregame act, that’s why I didn’t pick on them. But they weren’t nearly as bad, either. The Who was just awful. They could have been any nationality and I’d have trashed them for it. I don’t care if they’re over 60. The half time show isn’t about good talent over 60. It’s about good talent. Period. And the who wasn’t it!

  2. It was the guy doing the mix…….you were hearing the monitor mix…..not the broadcast feed. Some jackleg who pulled the cables screwed up a good halftime show.

  3. did the who actually found this website and voted excellent on their own performance? otherwise I cant explain how that person gave it a 5 stars.

    • That’s absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

      I’d love it if the Who found this site, even if they hated the post and voted to give themselves a little boost. The polls are cookie tracked so one vote per surfer, for the most part. I’m not sure how it all works but I’m sure it’s not that foolproof. Just a little inconvenient to try and cheat the system.

  4. The NFL apparently saw it coming from rehearsals, which is why they opted for the first time in decades to completely replace all stageside fans with an engaging high powered light show – at least THAT kept some viewers tuned in.

    • That would be a very interesting story if it were true. I’m not doubting you. Just saying that if they really did see it coming, and chose that course of action, it’s an interesting choice, that’s for sure. I’d just have taken a recording, mixed it up a bit so it sounds unique and unheard, and gotten the guys to lip sync it. Unless they protested and could legally hold up their protest, I wouldn’t have settled for the moving out of the stage side fans.

  5. Boring! The Who should have called it a deal over 30 years ago. I saw them with Kenny Jones in 1980 and almost fell asleep. This is just not the same powerhouse band that it used to be. Give it up. Retire. Stop flogging a dead horse.

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