11 thoughts on “Star Trek 1920×1080 Widescreen Wallpapers (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Movies)

    • Thanks David. Great question. Simple answer if you have Windows. I had known but for some reason had forgotten to update my posts.

      The 1920×1200 pixel collections work just fine for 1440×900 monitors. Windows systems should know how to crunch it. I’ve got some collections as screensavers on one such monitor. I just put it where I wanted it and specified Windows to use it. If you’re not on Windows, I can’t help you much. Perhaps other operating systems would be just as “smart” to do the same thing. If not, you can always pick out a few wallpapers you like and resize. If you keep proportions in resizing, putting in their dimensions of 1440 or 900 would give you the desired size. Then you can use it.

      I hope that helps.

  1. There are two Wallpapers, you cut off the Credits! Thats not OK!!
    Borg Cube & USS Diligent & #2 Space Docks are from the Artist “Animaniac”!

    Respect the Artist!

    • Hi Mr Ronsfield, I made those wallpapers from the 1920×1200 pixel version, taking off the bottom because they were the best way to convert the two. However, the larger 1920×1200 pixel versions I found as starting material did not have any credits on them, either, as you can see from the post with those larger wallpapers.

      So not only did it not have credits, I don’t actually know who did them. Anyone is welcomed to claim them, but I can’t check to be sure, and I had no way to be sure. No disrespect intended. If I did intend to disrespect, I’d have pasted my website branding all over these things!

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