Free Excel Running Log

There is an advanced and updated version of this log now (please click here to go to it).

If your friend had told you about this log, please tell them of the update in case they had not downloaded the 2011 update.

I keep this post up for those who had used this and found it sufficient for their needs and don’t want to deal with changes. Thank you.

This is an Excel spreadsheet running log I created, used and have improved for 10 years, which I would like to share with you.

Blank Run Log, by Minh Tan (1.5MB Excel file, updated Sep 16 2009)

I think it is fairly easy to learn and use, after 10 years of finessing out anything that still really annoys me. Instructions are included and cells you should not touch are locked to help avoid unintentional formula deletions and make it more user-friendly. It handles two runs per day and four extra types of workouts, plus up to 10 interval spaces for any workout so unless you train more than that (and I do know people that do!), this should suffice.

This spreadsheet does not have interfaces with new GPS and Heart Rate Monitors. I’m still training old skool on a 1998 Polar HRM.

I only regret to say I will not be providing technical support for this, unless you know me and can talk to me about it directly. I am sharing it out of good will and would like to minimize efforts beyond that. However, I welcome all feedback and suggestions. If I can do anything about it, I will to upgrade the file. That is why the date is beside the download. Otherwise, you can customize it further for yourself by adding your own worksheets and features within the file to suit your needs.

If you like it or want to show this post to your friends, you can either email the link or click on one of the social bookmarking tools in the bar below (for my less Net savvy friends). Thank you.

More about the Excel Running Log

The spreadsheet log requests a fair bit of data, of which you can decide how much or how little you want to enter. That, will in turn influence how much the log will be able to feed back to you about your training. It’s only as good as you are at keeping your own data, basically.

Detailed instructions are supplied on the worksheet you open the downloaded file to, but in the future, it should open to whatever page you closed and saved the file on. Instructions are probably only needed for your set-up and first few time you use it. It should become routine fairly quickly once you get the gist of it.

Among the data the log requests are time, distance (miles or km and you can change it for each entry), shoes worn to monitor your shoe mileage, etc. With some of this data, it does calculations, like pace given time and distance. With other data, it just gives you space to keep like comments, temperature (useful if you keep track of what you wore in your comments, for example), non-running workouts, your intervals that are not automatically comparable from time to time since intervals and workouts may change, and so on. An example of a filled out week is below (Pic #1).

Please use “k” for kilometre or “m” for miles under column E of “Distance”, to tell the spreadsheet what unit your number entered was in for the distance ran”.

Beyond the workout data and calculations, it also provides a summary chart with totals and averages of all sorts (Pic #2).

There are also graphic displays of this information for the visual types, as well as a more integrated look at your training (Pics #3 – #7).

Is that enough information for you? πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy it. All feedback are welcomed as if I can do anything about it, I will and update the file here accordingly. I hope you will find this of value. Thank you!

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 6.8


48 thoughts on “Free Excel Running Log

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the comp and suggestion. I like it but I have family visiting starting tonight, actually, for a month and so it’ll probably be August before I can get around to it due to other things getting put by the way side in the meanwhile as well. I’ll try to remember but if I don’t, perhaps you can send me a reminder? Thanks again.


    • Thanks for the notice, Jason. I have sent you the log as requested. The old download source, Fileqube, seems to be having some serious problems. I have switched to Filedropper and it seems to work awesome. I hope you will like the log and it will help you keep track of your running towards a healthier life!

  1. Disappointingly, none of the links provided work. The ‘Filedropper’ prompts me to upload one of my files. I guess, I’ll just continue to use the spreadsheet that I designed for myself years ago.

    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for your comment to let me know the link was no longer working. I don’t know why it stopped but I don’t have any way of knowing unless I check everyday, and I can’t do that. I have uploaded the file again, renewed the link and tested it to make sure it works. I’m glad you left your email with your comment because I have just emailed it to you directly. I hope you will like my spreadsheet.


  2. Hi Minh,

    Great spreadsheet, but when i put my distance in for miles, it calculated by multiplying by .6. When I put my distance in the km column, no formulas calculate for average time. I just download today


    • Hi Phil. I see your matter of confusion, but it’s just a visual thing. Please reference the sample image of the filled out log to better understand the comment below.

      The two columns over “miles or km” isn’t for miles or km separately. The left column (D) is for the number, whichever it is. The right column (E) you should put in a “k” for km, or “m” for mile. So your entry should look something like 12.5 in the left column, k in the right column, or 20.0 in the left, m on the right, rather than just a number.

      I know “m” is confusing for miles considering you have kilometres as the other option, but I couldn’t bother to type out “miles”, or even “mi” each time on my log with so many runs over the years! πŸ™‚

      I’ll write an additional note to the blog entry to make this clearer. Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the confusion.


  3. Minh,
    Thank you so much for the trouble you went to correcting this and getting back to me. I have saved the attachment and can’t wait to give it a go. I have been in a bit of a lull this year with running so this should inspire me (though I have substituted a lot of that time with walking my beautiful golden labrador ‘Alfie’). Thanks again. You’re awesome !

    • Thanks, Glenn! And thanks for the email and picture of your dog. Very cute, indeed!

      The log as a space for walking as well! It didn’t specify walking on your own or with your dog so feel free to use that space! πŸ™‚

  4. Would it be possible to email me a copy of this log? I was unable to try filedropper from my work computer.

    I look forward to checking out this spreadsheet.



  5. Hi Minh,

    and thanks for an excellent log; I think this is exactly what I need to keep in shape through the winter, and to prepare myself for my first marathon next summer.

    ps. The file download worked out fine, but the security code is “case sensitive”, and some of the problems people have had with downloading may have been caused by people not noticing it.

    • Thanks for the comp, Ilkka. I’m glad to hear it’ll help you stay in shape for the winter. But it is ultimately you who will make the difference, so never forget that.

      As for the download, I don’t know but I just try to make sure it is fine. Thanks for the info, though. Best of luck in your fitness endeavours!

  6. Minh:
    Great spreadsheet.

    Did you ever incorporate a “Plan” page where you can enter a training plan and the spreadsheet automatically fills in what you actually ran and compares it to the Plan?

    If you haven’t yet, I would also suggest adding a section on that page where you can specify the type of workout (i.e. Easy, Recovery, Tempo, etc) for each day of the plan, as well as a daily notes section on that page.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this!

    • Hi, I had forgotten so thanks for the reminder. I’m working on it now, but I want to think about a few things rather than just incorporate the features, like whether to show some calculations with them or not. I need to redo the screen captures, etc. I hope to have it by Remembrance Day. I’ll email you directly to let you know once I have the changes. Thanks.


  7. Great looking log! I’ve been using a triathlon log for just running for years. Now that I’m switching back to a running log I’ll probably start triathlon training again! πŸ™‚ Is there any way you can put an entry on the setup sheet for the first “first day” of the year and then have all the other days fill in from those calculations? For example, I start my week on Monday, so for 2009 I’d enter 12.29 on the Setup Sheet and it would start the Monday of Week “1”.

    Also, it would be cool if there were a “race” category and then a sheet would track the races during the year and maybe highlight the PB’s for each distance during the year.

    Just suggestions, I have not criticisms of what you’ve got now. Great job!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Brian. Steve had a few suggestions above you. I’m also taking feedback from others right now and creating a major upgrade for December. There’ll be a new notice on the post when that is done, with the same post and URL as there are quite a few links to it.


  8. This is a really great log! Can’t wait to start using it in 2010!

    I think it would be awesome if you could encorporate the race suggestion of Brian’s.

    Thanks Minh.

  9. Minh,

    I am sorry to bother you but I am having a terrible time trying to download your running log. Is there another link or file location?


  10. The spreadsheet looks great. I would love to give it a try. Could you please email it to me as well. I have not been able to get the download file to function. Thanks for all you work on this.

    • Hi Albert, you’re not the only one publicly asking me to email the log, and there have been over 100 requests directly to my email (listed in the About page). I can’t handle all that as this is not a business for me and I prefer to spend my time creating content. As a result, I’m not going to be sending any more logs by emails.

      If anyone has problems, perhaps they can try a download at an Internet cafe, or library, where there aren’t such problems. Thx.

  11. Hello

    I want to change something to make it clear to me..but i donΒ΄t have the that protected?

    PLease..could you help?


  12. Hi
    I am using the log and I think it is great. I am however trying to add a further calculation to the log in order to keep track of calories burnt. Do you have the unprotect password or code or could you tell me how to add this type of feature.

    • I’m reluctant to send out passwords or unprotected version of my log. I’m sure people can hack it, but at least they’ll have to work a bit for it.

      Still, you can use the four “workout” columns to enter calories burnt. I know it’ll dwarf your sit-ups and anything else you’ll probably do for a workout on the graphs, but on the SUMMARY worksheet tables, you’ll be able to see how you’re doing.

      I’ll keep these things in mind for the next version. I am just procrastinating because working on Excel isn’t that fun to me, and I’ve done enough of it at work for almost a year now that until I get more of a break from it, doing extra isn’t my first choice of things to do.

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion.

  13. Hi there,
    I think your running log looks great but when I went to download it appears the link is broken again. Anyway you could email it to me so I can start using your great log? Much appreciated!



    • Hi Rosemarie, I just downloaded the file and it seems fine, but I emailed as requested. It may be that you clicked on the larger advertisement download button rather than the real one that is much smaller. I’ll be moving the log to my site for direct download with recent ability I purchased to do so, and hope to update it for the New Year as necessity dictates for me. It’s just real geeky work I have a hard time getting myself into. Happy holidays!

  14. Hate to bug you, but could you email me the file? I’m having issues. Email would be easier if you are willing. This is an awesome log!!! I can’t wait to use it. I logged 1200 miles as of April 2010 and would love to have it all on one file. Thanks for posting this!!!

    Gus Anaya

  15. Just read your previous post about email. Ignore my request. Sorry about that. I’ll figure it out. I got it to load on my phone today. I’ll try at home again later today.


  16. I got it to load. Awesome! My only question so far is how do you enter double run days? Do I just enter the two runs as one combined run or do I create a new row for that week and enter the same day for it?

    • Hi Gus, glad to hear you got the log downloaded. There should be two rows for every day, even though I don’t draw the borders that way so it’s easier on the eyes. Just type across the row beneath your first run and the spreadsheet will take care of it. Hope that helps.


  17. For those of you tracking comments on this post, I have just posted a new and much updated version of this log with lots of new features. The link is at the start of the post if you want to see it. Thank you for all your suggestions and recommendations!

  18. Hey,

    loving your log! It’s just amazing.

    However, I just started using it, entered 2 runs this week (nothing else) and it shows me an average of 1,2 days run per week.
    I mean if I divide 2 by 1,2 it gives me 1,6period which is the number you apparently divided my 2 runs by. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or whether I entered some data wrong.

    Thanks for the help!

  19. Uuuuuuh!!!! It scales them up! That’s so much better than just taking the average! Scratch my comment.

    Or leave it for everyone else being as silly as me!

  20. Hi. Your log looks great and I’m looking forward to getting started with it. Would it be possible to get an unprotected version of it ? I’d like to tailor it to suit my needs a little better and personalize it somewhat. I’m comfortable using excel so I don’t think I’ll mess anything up, and I’d never misrepresent something you had created as my own….I’d just like to simplify it somewhat. Thanks


    • Hi Greg, thanks for the comp on the spreadsheet.

      I choose not to share unprotected versions of the spreadsheet for my own reasons. However, you can add columns and hide them so you don’t have to see what you don’t use, and add on extra bits you can create for yourself. I know it’s not what you want, and I apologize, but I just like to share only the protected version. I hope you’ll still find it useful without too much annoyance or inconvenience.

  21. hi Fantastic sheet man.. I have been using runners studio for a while and windows update made it un-usable. I have an execel format of my data I had for last 17 years. Is it possible I can down load them into this worksheet for consolidation. Let me know..


    • Thanks, Senthil. Unfortunately, there is no way to easily transfer your data into this spreadsheet because I have lost the password to unlock cells to make it possible to transfer columns of data, and not just small chunks at a time. So even if you got Excel to reformat your data arrangement to match the arrangement in this sheet, you’ll have to add it one week at a time. I’m really sorry for that but trust me, if I could get that password back, I would! Finding a way to hack the password is the only way I can think of to undo it now. I hear the Russians are cheap for hacking, and that Donald Chump has connections to them if you want to try that way.

      Seriously, though, so sorry I can’t help you. 😦


  22. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this sheet. Been wanting something to transfer my pages of jotted down times and distances, finally found it. Just need to spend the time inputting 3 years worth of data πŸ™‚

    Good job…..

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