Post-Pandemic Uses of Cloth Face Masks COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but as someone who is always thinking ahead, a question popped into my head today. What are we going to do with all these cloth face masks when this pandemic is done? Fortunately, for me, a few answers also popped into my head, because I hate having good questions linger around in my head like lost ghosts of thoughts haunting me until I could bust them! More fortunately, one answer stood out more than the others, but let’s start with the others.

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Liven Up Boring Ties with Eldredge, Trinity and Other Knots

If you don’t wear ties, you probably know someone who does. Challenge yourself and/or them to do what I’m doing here by sporting an interesting, different kind of knot and liven up the drudgery of boring ties!

Neckties… such an irony. So formal, yet so banal. You wear it to show respect and be respectful of an event and/or group of people. Yet, you just grab one that, for the most part, looks like one anyone else grabbed off the same shelf. Lots of solids, stripes, mostly muted colour palette. However, if you go outside of this most generic of dress codes, you might be flagged for being disrespectful, attention attracting, and so on.

So what’s a man (or woman) to do with his ties so as knot to look so boring? (pun intended)

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Eight Inappropriate Christmas Carols Parodies

It’s December again, and for those who want to liven up the holidays with some inappropriate Christmas carols, I have eight I have written starting from back in 2009.

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