Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (Part 1 of 3)’m constantly changing things in my life, usually for a good reason rather than a random one, or just randomly. it not only keeps things interesting with new things to try, but fun, and good for the mindset. Every now and then, though, I seem to change something that sets off a bunch of other changes like a chain reaction, albeit one I didn’t see coming. I’m in the middle of one now, and it is going something like this… because I’m in the middle of it. Here’s part 1 of 3 to keep things at a manageable length.


Changing my running style

It started a few weeks ago, when I had changed my running style. Instead of running with one foot in front of the other, I’m now running with the other foot in front of the one. Actually, I’m running more on my forefoot and midfoot, rather than heel striking. After 24 years, I’ve learned how to do it right, and it’s a huge change! I had to ease into it so as not to injure myself, but I didn’t do a good job. Fortunately, I’m still injury free.

Maybe I should have guessed that a change with as much impact as my running, given it’s my main exercise, relaxation, and social activity these days, would set off a bunch of other changes. After all, everything else would seem small, but I didn’t see it coming.


Wearing double socks running

In changing my running style, I had to wear double socks because the running shoes I got in January, on sale and the latest model of my previous shoes, the adidas adizero Boston, got changed so much I am on the borderline of hating them. They lost the cushion that was their best feature next to being so light! To do so, though, and not carry extra weight, I had to switch to ankle socks, and buy some new ones because I didn’t have many. Fortunately, the Dollarama had lots of brand name ones on huge discount so I got lots, and they work!


Changing running shoes

Still, I will be changing running shoes because I had bought two pairs, and SportChek will be kind enough to take the unopened pair back in exchange for store credit for another pair of running shoes. I think it will cost me another $50 but that’ll be far cheaper than costs to heal an injury! We’ll see what I end up with, but my 20 year relationship with adidas for my running shoes is over.


Doing cool down plyometrics everyday

I’ve never been much for one to stretch or properly cool down from my running. However, the jumping exercises my training group does after speed workouts are beneficial to my new way of running. So instead of doing them only after workouts now, I do them after every run, and even on off days! That’s an extra few hours a week for those days without speed workouts. On my casual runs, I do them on the waterfront where lots of people can see me look a bit like an idiot, but that’s OK. The location is ideal since I need to actually run a mile or so after rather than just go inside like at the end of my run.



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