A Metal Pig in a Metal Ox Year

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Happy Chinese New Year! It is the Year of the Metal Ox, and today’s writing will be my personal notes on my horoscopes for the year of the Ox, which starts today on February 12th. 2021, and ends January 31st, 2021. I am a Metal Pig, and, the following are what the Chinese zodiac horoscopes hold in store for me that peaked my interest most, as read from the following top three Google search results with sign specific horoscopes written in decent English:

Before I start into the interpretations, I wanted to share how I interpret the interpretations when it comes to horoscopes and other future telling scripts. For the good, I make myself more open to such opportunities, as well as more daring with them, albeit not foolishly in either case. It’s like knowing Fate is a friend and has my back so long as I’m not completely irresponsible about things. For the bad, I am more aware and cautious of such things, but also more determined. It’s like I’m playing against the odds and will have to step up my game. I won’t let the scripts stop me in anything big, only the occasional small things or delaying when I get into them in taking more time to consider. It’s a win-win, as far as I’m concerned, going at things with extra confidence and/or resolve, both of which are significant influencers of success… and that’s why I love all forms of future telling scripts, from horoscopes to Tarot cards (which I know how to read), to tea leaves, from western, eastern, and cultures from all other directions. Bring it!



  • The year will be average to slightly above, from stability rather than average of highs and lows.
  • Just enjoy what you have and go with the flow rather than make big changes.
  • Great year to travel, especially to balmy and climatic areas, but watch actions when traveling so as not to get into trouble.
  • Work on communication skills and feng shui to help myself.
  • Only I have the power to make or break my year.
  • Favourable year for investments, friendship, and love.
  • Lots of effervescent (full of energy) events.
  • Focus on my goals and I will succeed.
  • Now is the moment to perfect your talents and skills.
  • Interpersonal relationships maybe a tad more challenging than usual this year, but the Pig is a master at it.
  • Out of the ordinary year if my mastery of problem solving is exploited.
  • Do take some precautions, though, and not be reckless, even when things are going well.

There’s a decent mix of contradictory fortunes here, but I’ll generally take the good since one common advice is that I have the power to make or break my year, using my mastery of problem solving, focusing on my goals (my purpose backed resolutions), perfect my talents and skills like the two year writing journey I’m on, etc. I’ll work on communications (which my writing efforts should help some), and be cautious in my actions rather than reckless, even when things are going well. I have no idea what that bit to “travel” will mean in a COVID world of restrictions, but we’ll see. All my family is down south and I won’t have seen them for at least two years by the time I do, in 2021 or 2022, so south is the only direction I’ll be traveling in terms of north or south. I am living a different lifestyle, especially health wise, than in 2020, but I can argue those big changes have already been made in January 2021, before February 12 when one set of horoscopes says it’s not a year to make big changes.



  • Favorable Directions: south, north
  • Lucky Colors: silver, gold
  • Lucky Numbers: 4, 8

Good to know! Go “vertical”. Love silver & gold and have paintings with them in mind. Remember 4 and 8 in addition to my other usual “lucky” numbers of 7 and 14.



  • Good professional prospects through adaptation to situation that will silence critics and consolidate reputation as well as lead to financial gains.
  • Use intuition to make right choices at critical moments.
  • Will have to work hard, or hardest in group, for success, though.
  • Improve communication skills and pay attention to the details.
  • More interesting work tasks, followed by promotions and transfers.
  • Year of progress if I use talent and experience, and especially sharp mind, and work to make a good impression.
  • Make use of entrepreneurial spirit and talent for making money.

Work hard, be clever and strategic, improve communication skills, and good results will take care of themselves. Not sure about this entrepreneurial spirit and talent for making money, though. I’m pretty sure I have close to 0, or negative if the scale extended below 0, in both.



  • Better to save than spend, and plan budget out well.
  • Bad to make investments or large purchases.
  • Take control of your own finances rather than take advice.
  • Save some money for future because it can be good investment for years to come.
  • Gratifying increase in income from professional success.

I lived on the equivalent of minimum wage disposable income (after taxes) last year while making far above the average salary. I’m planning to live on less, though if I end up traveling before year’s end, I might miss both marks by just a little bit. Only unforeseeable necessity purchases, like if my computer died, or entering into a relationship, would keep me from living on that minimum wage disposable income level as that’s all I need for myself. I also have a budget and spending goals like spending money only on 1 of every 4 days, on average, and food and drink budget resolutions to average $8 per day or less. How’s that for readiness?



  • Slow down in love as expectations won’t be met.
  • Learn to give up on certain “occasions” that have undeniable appeal.
  • Not likely to meet soulmate or relationship, but maybe little flings, and no big drama.
  • Easier, more positive year, singles may find soulmates and get married.
  • Dragons (76, 88), Rabbits (75, 87), and especially Goats (79, 91) are good partners this year, with Rats (72, 84) being fine, too, but Snakes (77, 89) are to be avoided.

Another mixed bag of contradictory fortunes where I’ll take the good, but will heed to be cautious and not have high expectations. I’m doing well on the latter given I’m in a fake Facebook relationship that deters potential for love by keeping me off dating apps in case someone among my Facebook friends should see me there and think I’m cheating, so I have no expectations to start with to manage.


Social Life and Friendships

  • Improve communications.
  • Try to be less stubborn and the Ox year influence can make it worse, challenging all relationships more.
  • Take into account opinions and feelings of others more.
  • Share thoughts and feelings in a respectful way to improve relationships.

Communication comes up yet again, but otherwise, not a lot happening. That should hold well given I’m turning over all of my social circles with few matching up very well to me, and those generally proven to have been disappointing for their interest back so it’s time to start fresh with no hangout friends or close friends, new interests, and see where things go in a COVID socially limited world.



  • Improve communication skills for family relationships.

Yep. True every year. šŸ™‚



  • Good for the most part, with some caution on exercising or working outside for minor injuries.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep.
  • Maybe some health issues so a diet regiment is recommended.
  • Keep trust high and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nothing to complain about or worry if I take good care of myself.
  • Rest is important, especially during winter months of 2021 and Jan 2022.

I’ve had a light chronic injury with my right heel for a few years now, but mostly when it’s inactive to be stiff and achy. It’s generally fine after getting warmed up, though I’m sure I don’t have the spring from it that I used to. I’m managing it better this year with new stretches, exercises, and routines, especially when not running. I am doing intermittent fasting more successfully than I thought I ever would, eating only during a 9 hour period when I thought it’d be about 12 hours. I think I should be fine here even though I technically have a hernia to deal with at some point.



  • Be more aware of character flaws to better correct them and gain serenity.

Well, isn’t this timely with the video below that I saw today, and podcast with Tim Ferriss and Lori Gottlieb I listened to today to learn of this talk. I’m also doing a lot of writing in 2021 so far, and plan to be until at least end of 2022. Somewhere along the way in this lunar year, I will be be changing some of my own story as recommended! How nice and tidily coincidental is that?



  • Improve communications.
  • Work hard.
  • Take good care of self.
  • Be cautious.
  • Things will take care of themselves if I do my part to help it as outcomes are mostly in my hands.

Pretty much my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



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