Just Started the Science of Well-being Course on Coursera (FREE!)

A shortened version of Yale’s most popular class, Science of Well-being, by Professor Laurie Santos, is now online for free on Coursera! This is a science-based class, from Yale (see video below), not some new age, fuzzy hocus pocus from some flaky happiness adviser. There’s serious homework, including changing habits, that might be harder than most homework most people will have undertaken. It’s a shortened version of the real course over a semester at Yale, but since I can’t enroll at Yale without severely disrupting my life, this will more than do! Getting in would also be hard, of course. I’m not taking that for granted. However, I have a pretty excellent academic and professional background so I like my chances if I had to.

I don’t know how many “students” the Coursera version will be able to take on at once. That is, I don’t know if you signed up now, whether or not you’ll also be able to get started immediately. However, I am extremely happy to be getting started! I haven’t looked forward this much to a course in a long, LONG time! Maybe second year inorganic chemistry with a pretty cool prof a few decades ago?

I will be documenting my progress in the Science of Well-being, along with homework, reflection, and such, over the next 6 weeks here on my blog. I’ll think of it as journalling, which I know I’ll be asked to do some, rather than social media, which I know I’ll be asked to spend less time on. I hope you’ll like it but if you can’t stand someone being happy, or writing about happiness pending what life hands me in the next 6 weeks, then you should maybe avoid this blog till middle of May or so. 🙂

I would highly encourage you to sign up and give the course a try!

To see more posts related to the Science of Well-being course, please click here. Thank you.

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