My Life Changing Quinoa Dispensing System

My Quinoa Dispensing System

The smallest things sometimes keeps me from doing what I want to do, for no good reason. One such example was handling quinoa as I wanted to make it more frequently. It had been packaged all the wrong ways for me. I generally wanted to consume about 40% of a box I usually bought in one serving, being economical for me to buy when it was on sale. Boxes stored quinoa in crude plastic bags that didn’t re-seal, opened and nor poured out nicely. That made it a tad messy to dispense, with how fine the quinoa grain was, and awkward to store what was left. It was just annoying to get out, use and put back each time, in other words, though just a tiny bit of patience would have helped. Where cooking is involved, though, patience is not my friend.

Recently, I resolved to resolve my quinoa problem and I came up with the idea of using an air tight lid plastic jug to dispense it! I’d put a good amount of quinoa in it each refill to use for about a dozen occasions before another refill. Then, for each use I:

  • Turned the air tight lid to an opening and poured myself a little “glass” (plastic container) of quinoa;
  • Turn lid to be air tight air tight again and put the put back in its place;
  • Pour quinoa into a rice steamer;
  • Get two of the same “glasses” of water into the rice steamer;
  • Press the button on the rice steamer, rinse “glass” to leave on top of jug to dry, and come back when the quinoa was steamed!

Fast. Easy. No mess! It works like a charm, I can tell you from experience!

As for the life changing thing, well, that’s no understatement. I’ll probably eat quinoa as a base for 1/3 of my meals, with rice, bread and pasta sharing the other meals’ bases. When you shake up 1/3 of your meals’ base with something as good for you as quinoa, that will be life changing!

Give my system a try if you eat quinoa, even if the little things that stopped me don’t stop you. 🙂

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