NFL Week 2 Picks – 2015 Season

Last week, I went 12 right and 4 wrong for straight up winner picks. That was tied with the best ESPN analysts. My data model would have had 14 but me and my stupid instincts overrode two choices. Here are this week’s picks, with only one override, Peyton Manning and the Broncos over KC tonight.

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Grading System for My Fashion

Recently, I completed a series of posts on the ten elements of my fashion philosophy, which I will use to guide myself in designing and making garments. That doesn’t mean I’ll try for all of them all the time, but it’s a useful guide.

As a professional analyst in my day (and only real) job, guides are useful to some extent if left as that. However, they’re better when there are indicators of success and/or progress. That’s why I’ve created a simple self-grading system to score each of these ten elements in a garment out of 10 for a “percentage” score out of 100.

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Quick Six Question Facebook Addiction Test

The Bergen Facebook Addiction Test was developed by¬†Cecilie Schou Andreassen, Doctor of Psychology and head of the Facebook Addiction study at the¬†University of Bergen (UiB). It consists of six quick questions, which is great to get through. However, it is self-diagnosed. So if you are in denial about how you should truly answer the question, well, the test won’t identify you as a Facebook addict and you’ll continue to be in denial.

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