After Earth Trailer Script for Public Speaking Practice

I often do things my way –
Not some traditional way –
Let’s get that clear right away

Not for the sake of need –
Nor for the sake of show –
Nor originality –
Nor creativity

But because it works well –
And because it works better –
Than conventional ways –
For me

One of these things is reciting speeches, or scripts where only one person speaks at a time, for public speaking. For oration, would be a better and more specific description, or maybe acting, but it’s generally public speaking where I end up using the benefits because I neither do much oration nor acting… currently.  An example of reciting speeches that I do would be a speech I heard on Thursday Night Football a few years back, posted here.

It’s not a common way to practice, and not one I’ve ever heard mention for exercises, but I know it works well for me. It’s good for practicing English as well if it’s not your first language. I’m going to start posting some of these oratory or dialogue scripts I use so others who might want to try this can do so, and I can access it and/or show it to others more easily.

Another great source of material for these public speaking exercises that I do are scripts from movie trailers. The trailers tend to be only a few minutes long, with the script about a minute due to action, music and other things shown in the trailer that I wouldn’t narrate. An example is the After Earth trailer below that I love to narrate! The script text is below the video. Try it!

Also suggest some scripts to me if you’d like. I’m always looking for more! Thanks! 🙂

Crash landed.

Two confirmed survivors.

Son. This is NOT training.

This is a class 1 quarantined planet.

The threats we will be facing, are real.

Everything in this planet has evolved, to kill, humans.

Every single decision we make, will be life, or death.

If we are going to survive this, you must realize, that fear, is not, real.

It is a product of thoughts, you create.

Now do not misunderstand me.

Danger, is very real.

But fear, is a choice.

Do you know where we are?

No, sir.

This is Earth.

For other scripts for public speaking practice on this site, please click here.  

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