Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer 2 Script for Public Speaking Practice


Here’s another good one I love to practice… in character… 😉

My Queen. Yet another kingdom falls to your glory.
Is there no end to your power?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
Who is the fairest of them all?

You are the fairest…
But there is another destined to surpass you!
Consume her heart…
And you shall live…

Find me someone who doesn’t fear the dark forest…
And hunt, her, down.

You have eyes, huntsman, but you do not see.
She is destined, to end the darkness.

I should have killed her, when she was a child.
I need her heart beating… with blood.

I will give this wretch world, the queen it deserves!

Lips red blood…
Hair black as night…
Bring me your heart…
My dear, dear, Snow White.

Let them come!

(evil laugh)

For other scripts for public speaking practice on this site, please click here.  


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