The Wolverine International Trailer Script for Public Speaking Practice


This one requires three character voices, but has a lot of lines I love. 🙂

I’ve put the lines in 3 different typeface weights (bold, regular, italics) for the three characters speaking to help you wanted to switch tones, dialects or whatever idiosyncrasies you want to change in narrating this back on your own.

Eternity, can be a curse.

The losses you have to suffer.

A man can run out of things to live for.

Lose his purpose.

I’ve been trying to find you, for over a year.

My employer’s dying.

He wants to thank you for saving his life.

It’s an honour to meet the Wolverine.

That’s not who I am any more.

I did send for you, only to thank you, Logan.

I wanted to repay you.

A gift, equal to the life you gave me.

You have struggled, long enough.

Our company, can do anything.

I can make you… mortal.

I’m not healing like before.

What the hell’s happening?

What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone.

Don’t be so sure.

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