Writings on This Blog in 2021

This blog has been a blog of many content themes over the decade and a few years it has existed. For topics, it’s a jack of all trades sort of blog, like its author, me, in life. As I embrace the start of my two year journey with writing on January 1, 2021, so, too, shall this blog go forth. As of that date, I hope to have almost daily posts where the goal is about the writing, regardless of topic, for which there will be a wider variety than ever before to keep its jack of all trades topic identity.

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The Wolverine International Trailer Script for Public Speaking Practice


This one requires three character voices, but has a lot of lines I love. 🙂

I’ve put the lines in 3 different typeface weights (bold, regular, italics) for the three characters speaking to help you wanted to switch tones, dialects or whatever idiosyncrasies you want to change in narrating this back on your own.

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After Earth Trailer Script for Public Speaking Practice

I often do things my way –
Not some traditional way –
Let’s get that clear right away

Not for the sake of need –
Nor for the sake of show –
Nor originality –
Nor creativity

But because it works well –
And because it works better –
Than conventional ways –
For me

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