Amethyst Slip

Amethyst Slip

Last winter, I was taught how do make a lingerie slip in my Sewing Guild from a free online version called The Ruby Slip. I had to do a bust adjustment beyond what was the range in the pattern, but otherwise, put it together as shown. Well, I added trim and that flower pattern was purple and white shear on top of the shiny purple polyester seen in the rest of the garment.

I can say the instructions and pattern provided was generally pretty good so if you wanted to give it a try, I would recommend it. Thank you to Sheryl of Pattern Scissors Cloth for sharing the garment!

I called this the AMETHYST slip because it is purple, like the purple amethyst gem. The gem choice for things purple came from the original slip’s name, which was Ruby that is a gem itself.

Silver Rating

The only reason I’m giving this project a silver rating instead of gold was my own fault. The bust adjustment was fine in every way except vertically. My model had a high and full natural bust, which made the vertical coverage excessive. The Mennonites probably wear lingerie showing more skin, to be honest, lol. The side top seam touched her armpits if the bottom of the cups were where they should be. That’s how high this coverage was. The only real fix was to redo the bust with less height and extend the strap, which I will do in a better fitted update. On a taller person with a more regular height bust for one this size, the slip would have been fine and one would have a longer strap to a shoulder higher compared to that on this bust.

I am rather fond of this design, though, and am actually glad it didn’t fit my model perfectly for me to keep it. I won’t be making a better fitted one like this since I hate copying. I design stuff for the joy of design, not replication. 🙂

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