Share Your Year’s Themes in Songs on Facebook

Here’s a simple and fun Facebook meme idea as you reflect back on your year. Think about some themes, big events, important memories and such for your year, and pick a song that describes each, with a little description, to share. An example for me would be a lot of unexpected reunions with people in my past, of whom I thought of fondly, through chance events. As a result, I might pick the Reunited song below, citing the reason given and names of some or all of these people in the status. That’s even if it were a love song and these reunions weren’t anything to do with love. 🙂

You can also do this on social media platforms besides Facebook, of course, like Google+ among others. You can do this in December randomly, or maybe once a day between Christmas and New Year’s as the year wraps up.

I won’t be posting every theme but a few others I will be posting can be found below. Funny that I share it here cause I’m pretty sure none of my friends or acquaintances in life care for my blog so they’ll be getting the news later than the rest of the world I don’t know. 🙂

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