AQUATHOR Running Tights

aquathor-running-tightsAqua what? Running tight? You might ask. And as well you should, because the pattern on these new running tights I recently made for myself could be several very different things. They don’t look great lying flat as in the picture shown, but on my legs, they fit beautifully to show all my muscle tone.

The pattern you see can be seen in several ways. It could be chain mail armour like seen on some versions of Thor. Or it could fish scales like seen on fish or mermaids. Had I turned them sideways, rather than vertically as you see here, they’d definitely have been fish scales. Vertically, it’s still a battle between Thor and mermaid, merman or merbutler, I suppose.

From what my friends have told me, it conjures up more of the water creatures than Thor. The only problem is that this water creature’s got legs! I could be a revolution in evolution, I suppose, the missing link for when fish walked on land to become man. However, I’m sticking with Thor. I mean, I’m running in these things, not going for a swim, though it’d be cool to take to a beach next summer!

To acknowledge the fish resemblance, I went with including Aqua in the name to make AQUATHOR. It’s nice to have a fun, and unique name. But make no mistake, I might look like a fish in these, but I can definitely run like Thor when I put the hammer down! 😉

Gold rating

These tights are exactly what I needed for the colder fall weather and an expansion of my running wardrobe. I’ve made a few other pairs of full length running tights before, and they still work beautifully after several years and lots of hand and machine washing. However, they weren’t the best for the roughly 0 degrees Celcius temperature out now. I’ve ran three times in these tights now and they are perfect. No signs of damage, including on the glittery outside that should be tougher than glued glitter. I am warm in them but don’t actually sweat so that’s as ideal as it gets. No inkling of potential chafing, either. And they’re fun to wear! Definitely a gold rating! 🙂

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