Did You Know Vietnamese Fairy Tale Princesses Die and Come Back for Justice?

Yes! Apparently, they do! And sometimes more than once!

You can check out some in books like The Brocaded Slipper and other Vietnamese TalesThe tales are similar to Western fairy tales in synopsis and lessons learned. However, there’s not straight and rosy ending that’s probably not realistic for a country having been at war, or brink of war, for a few centuries when they were being developed and told. Oh, no. The princesses die! But they come back for justice cause I guess for all the people who had lost loved ones due to war and other troubles in the country for all those years, justice was the only recourse left since they weren’t going to get their lost loved ones back.

I have no idea if the rationale is true but a lot of the facts from which I pieced that rationale is true. Regardless, can you imagine Disney doing movies of such fairy tales? lol

Man, those princesses would be something! 😉

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