(Not So) Instant (Triple) Noodles

Nobody in their right mind, or even in their left mind, would promote instant noodles as a healthy food.

However, if you eat instant noodles, you can pimp it up to be healthier with some fresh veggies, maybe some meat, and better “noodles” that are healthier for you,  but makes the meal more filling and adds more texture with different weights, make-up and degrees of curl in the noodles. There must be a word for that “degree of curl”, isn’t there?

I usually add a few other types of pasta, like angel hair (capellini) and vermicelli (flour rather than rice kind but either is good). With this, you obviously have to boil the water for 6-8 minutes while the pasta is in it, then put the instant noodles in for the last 2 minutes or so, not just boil it and dump it on instant noodles.

The harder veggies like bok choy I put in the boiling water for half the time or so. Sure, you lose nutrients in the soup base but you drink some of that back while consuming the noodles. The softer veggies like sliced white mushrooms, sliced grape tomatoes, sliced green onions, maybe some mint leaves diced up, I add half at the bottom of the bowl before pouring in the pasta and noodle soup base, to help get some of that flavour into the soup base while, and half at the top for the fresh version in the same dish.

All that slicing and dicing you can do while the soup base is boiling the pasta, but again, clearly not “instant”. 🙂

You can add some meats or shrimps if you want into the boiling soup base. Do at the start so they get sufficiently cooked before you eat them.

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